In today’s environment, it is increasingly important that cattle are handled in with the least amount of stress possible, while also providing ease of use and safety to the operator. To Steel Supplies Charters Towers, this is paramount. We build our cattle handling equipment onsite in Charters Towers to the highest quality standards.

Our affordable pricing model ensures that cattle property owners Australia-wide are able to order directly from us, without having to compromise quality or price.

Steel Supplies Charters Towers has the most comprehensive range of cattle handling products that are constantly being improved upon to not only meet industry standards, but exceed them. We design products and facilities that are easy to use, aiding employee retention and creating a safer working environment that is stress free. Additionally, our cattle handling range assists the natural movement of cattle, which results in happier livestock and improved cattle management and quality.

Our equipment puts less stress on your livestock, and improved profitability in the long run!

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Mobile Loading Ramp

  • Well balanced ramp
  • No jacking required
  • Removeable drawbar
  • 1.5 tonne springs fro carrying extra panels
  • Toyota wheelbase

Loading Ramp

  • Sheeting to 1200mm to enable animals to focus on exits
  • Slope of ramp no more positive than 19 degrees as not to inhibit stock flow
  • Level extension at front will improve stock flow
  • Handrails and walkways are made non slip for OH&S purposes
  • Rubber belting available for anti-nose and bruising
  • Batt doors move both inwards and outwards for convenience

Curved Adult Race

  • Natural anti-backing effect
  • Calm and steady cattle movement
  • Includes walkway platform

Calf Super Safe “T”™ force

  • Operator safety, opens both sides
  • Improved cattle flow and OH&S
  • Unique auto brake locking
  • 2.4M diameter model available

5 Way Race Draft

  • Draft cattle left, right or straight
  • East o processing
  • Draft from the side or overhead


  • 10.5 metre long X 1.2 – 2.0 metre wide X 2.4 metre deep - 6.0mm plate
  • 2 pack chemical resistant Jodmastic87 paint 500 plus Microm thickness
  • Sandbleasted
  • 6.5-6.7 metre taper on the walk
  • Hardwood timber on floor for ease of cleaning and removal
  • Columns on the sides at 2.0 metre spacing to suit the roof
  • Bolted after the dip is put in-ground

Slide Gates

  • Opening 720mm


  • 3.6 m + Front Deck
  • Walkway both sides
  • 1.2m high to deck
  • Transportable on body truck

Calf Race

  • 1240mm high to stop larger calves jumping out
  • 4.3m plus 1.64m waiting pen
  • Slide gate at entry and exit of race plus slam latch on waiting pen for quick operation
  • Nearside or offside
  • We customize to suit you

Portable Panels

  • Galvanised
  • 2100 x 1800mm
  • 40 x 40 x 2mm RHS
  • Caps and Feet

Super Safe “T”™ Rotary Force

  • Easier race management
  • Durable steel components
  • Reduced injury risk

Double Decker Loading Ramp

  • Permanent, Portable or mobile
  • Level extension at from to improve stock flow
  • “Used by Eric Stack-Smith-Saxby Feedlot, Goomeri”
  • Customised designs to suit you


  • Light Farm
  • Heavy Farm
  • Heavy Road (Council Roads)
  • Painted (also avail Grey Killrust)

Man Gates

To order your quality, low-stress cattle handling equipment now, simply use our ‘Quick Quote‘ system or call Steel Supplies Charters Towers on 1300 772 869.

Quote SSCT16* to get your 10% website discount when you call us today!