About Steel Supplies

For over 15 years, Steel Supplies Charters Towers has been helping farmers and locals in regional Queensland and the Northern Territory with all of their steel supplies.

As an Australian owned company, located in Charters Towers, we have ensured that our local values are always paramount to the way we do business. This has attributed to our growth and ability to provide quality steel for a variety of purposes at affordable prices. Every time you buy from Steel Supplies Charters Towers, you are supporting a regional farmer, who understands the many challenges that residents face and is able to provide you with honest, reliable advice. We also make sure that no matter where you are, we deliver – Australia wide.

Steel Supplies Charters Towers is founded by Roma/Injune area grazier Peter Doonan, who has extensive experience in the steel and fabrication industry. This experience gives him a unique perspective, as he understands the challenges that you face daily, inspiring him to provide the best steel fabrication and cattle handling products on the market. Steel Supplies Charters Towers creates supplies tailored to your needs.

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Our Values

Steel Supplies Charter Towers holds several key values that are deeply entrenched in all areas of our business. We have built our business around the core values of accountability, great customer service, ethical behaviour and a commitment to excellence in everything we do. We pride ourselves on providing trustworthy advice and reliable information, as well as implementing and maintaining rigorous quality control standards in all our steel supplies.

We value building longstanding relationships with everyone we work with. We have over 600 ongoing customers, who recognise our second-to-none service and products, and continue to choose us. Not only do we build longstanding customer relationships, we have strong relationships with local transport companies, allowing us to guarantee on-time, hassle free delivery Australia-wide.

Giving back to our local community is important to us and we proudly sponsor many local events, from rodeos and camp drafts to children’s events. We are also the platinum sponsor of the annual Gold City Camp Draft.

Why Choose Steel Supplies

Steel Supplies Charters Towers offers you a personalised service that is second to none. We pride ourselves in providing trustworthy advice and information. Our expert advisers will work with you to find the best solution so that you know that you are getting the best deal every time you choose Steel Supplies Charters Towers.

For Steel Supplies Charters Towers, quality is of the utmost importance in everything we do. We maintain rigorous quality control standards and our products undergo strict quality control assessments in line with industry best practice guidelines. All our work is designed, customised and fabricated on-site.

When choosing your steel supplier, ask yourself:

  • Does the steel supplier provide a delivery guarantee?
  • Do they provide independent quality verification for their fabricated products?
  • Do they publish their reliability statistics?
  • Do they have personal expertise in utilising steel solutions in rural and remote area situations?

Steel Supplies Charters Towers can answer ‘YES’ to each of these questions.

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Need A Quote?

Steel Supplies Charters Towers provide quality, diversity and reliability of service. With intricate knowledge of the farming community, our customers include cattlefarmers, dairy farmers and any person or company that requires steel.