Incredible Ways To Maintain Productivity on Farms During Coronavirus

Coronavirus or COVID-19 isn’t just for big cities, with a wave of cases being reported throughout Australia including in rural and regional communities.

The agricultural industry is mostly able to continue with business as usual, however, the supply chain is being affected through newly imposed restrictions.Read more

The Increasing Role of Steel in Residential Construction

As a building material, steel continues to increase in popularity, particularly in residential constructions. Framing in builds is an especially noticeable use that steel is becoming more popular for. A number of steel’s properties make it preferred over wood for this purpose. However, its popularity is not contained to just internal structures.Read more

Essential Equipment for Handling

In Australia, there have been countless incidents in which workers have been injured during the loading or unloading of cattle. Cattle farmers, livestock transporters and animal handlers all face risk of serious injury if they mishandle cattle. In the interest of safe handling of livestock, well designed and constructed equipment facilitates quicker and safer processes with less stress on animals.

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A Seasonal Guide to Ensuring the Comfort of Cattle

Cattle are vulnerable to seasonal changes in climate – the variability in extremes can directly impact animals’ comfort and things like pasture growth. In Australia particularly, significant changes in climate have had an increasing effect over recent decades. Warmer temperatures in summer, severe droughts, bushfires and flooding and other unpredictable rainfall patterns all pose threats.Read more

Ethical Handling of Cattle

As Australian consumers become increasingly conscientious of where their produce come from, ethical treatment of livestock is becoming more critical for farmers. Both the dairy and beef agricultural sectors have received far more public attention for the conditions in which reared cattle live in. Never has it been so important to ensure that your handling of livestock meets ethical standards.

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Key Considerations for Moving Cattle

In a society increasingly concerned with ensuring humane treatment of animals, the need for the highest standards of safety and treatment of livestock is becoming clearer. Specifically, transportation of animals is a frequently problematic area which receives a considerable amount of attention – this is due to the potential to easily compromise the overall wellbeing of animals if transported incorrectly. There are a range of practices which should be implemented to ensure the safety and ethical transportation of livestock.

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From Boilermaker to Businessman: Starting Steel Supplies Charters Towers with Peter Doonan

Steel Supplies Charters Towers has grown to become one of the region’s most trusted steel suppliers. So how did our very own Peter Doonan manage to build the brand so successfully?

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Maximising Safety of Livestock During Bushfire Season

In the midst of the one of the most catastrophic bushfire seasons on record, Australians across the nation are losing their homes and communities are being disastrously affected. Animals and livestock are especially susceptible to the fires – at the time of writing, more than a billion animals are thought to have perished. While bushfires take a lot of control out of humans’ hands, there are still precautions and actions you should take to maximise the safety of your livestock. Doing so will offer them the best chance for survival.

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Steel Materials in Homes

With the increasing use of steel materials in rural farming developments, the material has been somewhat disconnected from its utility in building residential homes. However, it should be remembered that steel is not just being used for steel shed fabrication purposes. Steel is also commonly used as a material for residential constructions. Read more

Legal Responsibilities of Cattle Yard Designs

Farmers with cattle yards must adhere to certain requirements and laws set by the government. Most of these legislative rules occur at the state level and so can vary depending on where you are in the country. Typically, creating cattle yard designs or stockyards is a significant investment. Thought must be paid to expense, durability and efficiency. Owning large cattle yards comes with risks that should be assessed beforehand to prevent any injuries and fatalities to your cattle. Here are some important factors to remember when planning your cattle yard designs.

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