New innovations in quote technology are improving builder client relationships

How Technology is Changing the Way We Quote

Quoting has always been a critical step in builder client communications. Clients need to know what they’re getting and how much they’re paying for it. Failure to properly agree on these details prior to construction is a recipe for disaster.Read more

Computer assisted design (CAD) steel shed fabrication

Why Computer Aided Design (CAD) Matters in Steel Shed Fabrication

There are very few farmers who can’t make good use of a shed. Whether you rear livestock or grow crops, it’s all but guaranteed that you have equipment, feed, vehicles or any other number of things that need to be sheltered and stored. You might need to consider steel shed fabrication. Read more

Steel Supplies Charters Towers is hiring welders and general labourers

Steel Supplies Charters Towers is Hiring

Steel Supplies Charters Towers are currently expanding and so are looking at hiring welding and general labour team members.Read more

Australian farmers and regional businesses are in need of our support. Bushfires, droughts, floods and the pandemic have all taken a toll.

Supporting Australian Farmers and Regional Businesses Through Tough Times

Everyone is feeling the pressure at the moment, from major cities to rural centres. In conditions like these, it’s crucial we all help each other out. Pay special attention to this over the coming months, while we continue to deal with the economic fallout of the pandemic. Australian farmers and businesses far away from cities will be especially challenged by the weakened economy. During recessions, people are more conservative when making monetary decisions. This can be particularly taxing for those far removed from population centres.

Read more

Cattle yard design should be used to increase the safety of your staff and livestock. Designs should also maximise workflow and ease the completion of tasks.

Maximising Safety Through Cattle Yard Design

Avoiding a serious accident is always a top priority on any farm. Despite this, Australian cattle yard design frequently fails to address a number of concerns effectively. Working with animals that can weigh over a tonne means you need to always pay attention to safety. You need to think about this for both workers and cattle. Having good foresight means you are prepared for the worst-case scenario, no matter how unlikely. A reliable design meets every need, making work easier and also maximising the safety of livestock and handlers.Read more

Government support for Queensland businesses will give a boost to those affected organisations during COVID-19

Government Support Measures for Queensland and Australian Businesses

Many businesses across the country are fighting for survival under the economic strain of COVID-19. In response, the Federal and State Governments have enacted support measures to help businesses. The following funding options may be relevant to you and your business:

Read more

Farmers must take extra precaution to minimise the risk of COVID-19 on their farms

Minimising the Risk of COVID-19 on Your Farm

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way Australians live their lives, from major cities to rural towns. These changes have caused industry wide suspensions of business, except for those deemed essential and those which can operate from home. The threat of COVID-19 on farms is daunting. For farmers and others in agriculture, this is changing the way things get done.Read more

Maintaining productivity on farms during times of social restrictions might mean fixing fences or completing other projects

Incredible Ways To Maintain Productivity on Farms During Coronavirus

Coronavirus or COVID-19 isn’t just for big cities, with a wave of cases being reported throughout Australia including in rural and regional communities. This is having a substantial impact as people try to retain productivity on farms despite the changing circumstances.

The agricultural industry is mostly business as usual, although restrictions have significantly impacted the supply chain.

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Tasteful use of steel in residential construction. Steel supplies house materials

The Increasing Role of Steel in Residential Construction

Steel in residential construction has experienced rising popularity, as people pay more attention to its strengths. Framing in builds is an especially noticeable use that steel is becoming more popular for. A number of steel’s properties make it preferred over wood for this purpose. However, its popularity is not contained to just internal structures.Read more

Having the right cattle handling equipment is crucial to the safety of your livestock and workers

Essential Equipment for Handling Cattle

In Australia, there have been countless incidents in which workers have been injured because of mishaps during the loading or unloading of cattle. Cattle farmers, livestock transporters and animal handlers all face risk of serious injury if they mishandle cattle. In the interest of safe handling of livestock, well designed and constructed equipment facilitates quicker and safer processes with less stress on animals.

Read more

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