working with a steel fabricator can help you build a good cattle yard design

What Makes a Good Cattle Yard Design?

Regardless of the head of cattle you rear on your property, a good cattle yard design can make livestock management significantly easier. Raising livestock is hard work, but it’s made easier by having the right infrastructure on hand – that includes cattle yards. A poorly designed cattle yard can increase the risk of accident or injury to both cattle and farm hands. Investing in a modern and well-designed cattle yard, can significantly reduce the rate of farm related incidents.Read more

Steel Supplies Charters Towers are hiring a welder/boilermaker

Steel Supplies Charters Towers is Hiring a Welder/Boilermaker

Steel Supplies Charters Towers is looking for a welder/boilermaker to join our Charters Towers team with some basic experience in the capacity of a full-time position.Read more

Steel Supplies Charters Towers is hiring a project manager

Steel Supplies Charters Towers is Hiring a Project Supervisor

Steel Supplies Charters Towers is looking for a project supervisor to join our team in Charters Towers to supervise teams on job sites for sheds, cattle yards and other steel fabrications. Experience in supervising will ensure that you lead your team to provide quality work for our extensive client base.Read more

Farmers who effectively use rotational grazing can increase the productivity and profitability of their farm

Why You Should Use Rotational Grazing on Your Farm

No one ever said farming was easy work, but economic recession, working restrictions and temperamental Australian weather have made life all the more challenging on a farm in 2020. Making life a bit easier through trying times often requires clever solutions. Rotational grazing is one farming practice that is becoming increasingly more popular. With the right execution, this grazing strategy can increase productivity and profitability.Read more

Steel fencing is often the cheapest and most durable choice for farmers

Choosing the Right Fencing for Your Farm

When something gets built on a farm, it’s most likely going to stay where it is for a good while. That makes it very important to ensure the right materials are used for a construction project. One choice that comes to mind when thinking about this is fencing – the wrong choice will lead to extra unnecessary work many years into the future.Read more

Steel framing is become the obvious choice for many Australian home builders

Why More Australians are Choosing Steel Framing

Take a close look at newer construction builds and you might notice a trend – an increasing use of steel framing. The Australian construction industry has seen a steady increase in steel selection as a frame material, as people pay more attention to the advantages of its use. For a long time now, steel frames have been the obvious choice for use in commercial constructions; they’re built to last. The residential sector is also beginning to pay more attention to its benefits.Read more

Keeping cows safe on farms requires the right cattle handling equipment

Increasing Safety with Cattle Handling Equipment

Safety is a top priority on any farm – neglecting it is a sure way to run the business into the ground. Regular commitment and investment are needed from farmers to properly care for cattle. And while it’s important that farmers invest the effort into tending to their livestock’s needs, there is no substitution for the correct cattle handling equipment. Any experienced farmer knows this and although proper equipment can be costly, it is always well worth the investment. Cleaning, housing and feeding cattle can all require specialised equipment. While each farm has its own unique requirements, some types of equipment are needed on every farm.Read more

Cattle dips are important to maintaining the health of livestock on farms

Why Farmers Need to Use Cattle Dips

Maintaining livestock welfare is crucial to both the profitability and productivity of any farm. As our understanding of agricultural science has improved, so has the way in which we care for our livestock. Anyone working with livestock knows that sanitary practises are necessary to maintain health and safety for humans and animals alike. Although a farm might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of sanitary environments, hygienic processes are absolutely essential to raising livestock. Cattle dips are one kind of specialised equipment which has become essential to farming cows.Read more

Grazier experience guarantees our steel supplies as purpose built and fit for use on farms

How Our Grazier Experience Makes Our Steel Supplies Better

Making the wrong decision when choosing a steel supplier can be a very expensive mistake with long-term consequences. It requires a significant investment and it’s a decision you’ll most likely be living with for many years. The question is how can you guarantee confidence in your steel supplies?

Read more

Steel cattle yards provide a safer and more reliable alternative to wooden yards

Why You Should Invest in Steel Cattle Yards

Farmers are always working to improve the farm. Upgrading the property for themselves, their family and livestock is constant work. Steel’s use is increasing in cattle yards and fencing, and for good reason. Having strong and reliable components in a cattle yard will make your farm safer and managing livestock easier. Steel cattle yard components provide a level of structure and durability that wood simply can’t measure up to.Read more

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