Large shed with open walls on gravel

4 things to think about before buying or building a shed

If you’re looking to buy or install a shed – whether it’s a farm shed, garden shed, warehouse or kids shed – then there’s a little bit of ground work that you need to do. Building versus buying a pre-fabricated shed is another decision altogether however, thinking about these four factors will make your job easier in either scenario.

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tagged cattle huddling together and looking away

Why steel is the perfect material for sustainability

Aussie farmers need materials that will last through harsh conditions and hard times. When you’re running a farm, there’s no time to worry about rebuilding or replacing farm structures or parts. For those in rural Australia, it is crucial to get materials that last, so you aren’t waiting on deliveries when you need to do fundamental maintenance. Plus, sometimes you just get that season where the last thing you need is more unnecessary costs thrown your way.
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Cattle crowded in cattle yard network

Six factors to consider before choosing a steel supplier

Steel is a hugely popular metal used in residential, commercial or large construction projects. With many suppliers of steel products in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose one for the first time. It is important to do your research and perform due diligence on a company before signing a contract however, this is not always possible through online sources. Asking the right questions of your potential supplier is important and sometimes, the best way to research their credentials.
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brown cattle huddling into a corner of the cattle yard on red earth

Tips to build a stress free cattle handling system

In today’s environment, it is critical for cattle to be handled in areas that provide the least amount of stress possible to avoid any uneasiness to arise. It’s also important to consider placing the cattle in an area in which it is easy to operate for handlers, to ensure safety as much as possible. Steel Supplies Charter Towers builds their cattle handling equipment onsite, to the highest quality standards. In order to exploit the highest benefits and build an effective and stress free cattle handling system, a few methods should be considered.
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farmer riding a horse around herd of cattle at sunset

Steely resolve gets firm through the tough times

ENTERPRISING Charters Towers businessman Peter Doonan has survived a trifecta of floods, change of government and recession in the early years of his new business, pulling through to celebrate his company’s seventh birthday this month.
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Country entrepreneur Peter Doonan, founder of Steel Supplies Charters Towers

Country entrepreneur shows city folk how its done

Peter Doonan tells us the story behind Steel Supplies Charters Towers and how the company stood tough during the Queensland floods.
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brown cattle standing in a field looking at camera with other cows in the background

Looking for ways to help your cattle stay cool this summer?

Farmers will definitely benefit from the Cattle Yard Design Service. This service allows farmers to individually design their own cattle yard to suit their own needs and requirements. The Computer Aided Design (CAD) service allows you to see the designs that are sketched and allows you to view the final product to ensure your cattle yard design is customisable to your requirements.
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