Manage Your Cattle through The Wet Season

Tips To Successfully Manage Your Cattle Through The Wet Season

It’s becoming apparent that climate change has left the Australian environment with harsher weather, and heavier rains being one such by-product. Flooding and drought are becoming increasingly common even though they are opposite ends of the spectrum. Due to this change in weather patterns, managing livestock has become increasingly difficult. Therefore, preparing for extremities and employing new livestock management processes is key to the future profitability of your farm.

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Purchase Locally Made Cattle Handing Equipment

6 Reasons To Purchase Locally Made Cattle Handing Equipment

A well-designed cattle-yard can last decades, processing thousands of cattle in its lifetime and requiring minimal maintenance. Not only does supporting local businesses help the Australian economy, but it also delivers dozens of benefits that help grow the Australian agricultural sector.

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Need to Know About Weaning Your Calves

Everything You Need to Know About Weaning Your Calves

Weaning is one of the most stressful times for both farmers and cattle. The delicate process sees calves separated from mothers and prepared for a life of farming. There are many different methods to weaning calves, each with a different stress level and impact upon the calf. Therefore, choosing the right weaning method will dramatically impact the calf’s health, stress, and value to the farm. Read more

Prepare for the calving season

Cattle Handling during Calving

Calving season can be stressful and strenuous for anyone – no matter how seasoned the farmer. There is a multitude of concerns that farmers need to keep an eye out for: adequate nutrition, calving difficulties and disease prevention.Read more

cattle yard mistakes

The 5 Biggest Cattle Yard Design Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

When you’re designing a good cattle yard, it can provide a number of benefits to your farm, that make managing your herd a lot easier. The opposite is true as well, as a poorly designed cattle yard won’t just make life more difficult for your cows, but also your cattle handlers and even you. Unfortunately, many farmers make a number of big cattle yard design mistakes that increase the risk of injuries and accidents that can occur while handling cattle.

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Steel in Pasture Management & Farm Maintenance

4 Important Uses for Galvanised Steel in Pasture Management & Farm Maintenance

Winter is an incredibly important time for farmers to maintain their property; protecting it from the weather and the risk of disrepair. While providing shelter and water for your herd will increase the likelihood of your cattle surviving, there are still other factors that need to be considered. During the colder periods of the year, farmers are short on resources and need to implement efficient pasture management strategies. Luckily, the benefits provided by steel products allow for farmers to effectively manage their farms.

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Best Sale Ever

Our Best Sale Ever for Steel Supplies

Steel Supplies Charters Towers is proud to announce our best sale ever. We understand the importance of our community having access to world-class steel supplies in light of one of the biggest materials shortages the country has faced in years. In order to help our customers, understand the crisis around Australia, we’ve provided a brief overview of what’s happening in the industry and what we’re doing to help.

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farm winter survival

Winter Survival: Tips to Manage Your Cattle

Winter is an unforgiving time of survival as we press on against the howling, chilling winds. At this cold time of year, a large proportion of livestock are at risk of illness and even death if the right steps aren’t taken. To give your cattle the best chance of staying healthy and surviving, we’ve provided you with some key things to look out for and important for how to manage your cattle this winter.

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secure farm

4 Things to Consider When Securing Your Farm

Conditions are getting tougher and tougher for Aussie farmers. A volatile climate and volatile markets have been plaguing the agriculture industry for a long time and they are just 2 of many the problems modern farmers face. If you’re uncertain what the next step forward is, you’re not alone. Technology is now being used much frequently to tackle many of the key issues the industry faces, including scarce resources and farm security etc.

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farm water saving

6 Ways Your Farm Can Save Water This Winter

As we receive massive downpours, it’s a good time for your farm to start thinking about how it can save water.

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