15 Years of Steel Fabrication

15 Years of Steel Fabrication

With over 15 years of experience, Steel Supplies Charters Towers has been continuously helping farmers and locals in regional Queensland to build infrastructure that has stood the test of time and harsh Australian climate.

As an Australian-owned company, our local values are paramount to the way we do business. Our experience as graziers enables us to understand the many challenges that farmers face to provide high quality steel supplies and reliable insight and advice on farm management. With extensive knowledge in the farming and agricultural industry, you can trust our steel fabrication is nothing but the best.

Let’s deep dive into what makes us different than the rest.

Steel Fabrication – What is it?

Put simply, steel fabrication describes the process involved in transforming raw steel into a product that can be used for construction. Once the raw materials have been melted down and mixed into steel, they are constructed to their desired shape. Essentially, fabrication is creating metal into the shapes and items we need and desire.

Steel Fabrication by Steel Supplies Charter Towers

With an understanding of what fabrication is and how it works, you can see that these products need to be high quality and resilient in order to act as robust construction materials that can be depended on. Steel Supplies Charter Towers (SSCT) delivers high quality, globally sourced steel that ensures strength, durability and longevity. When you purchase steel from SSCT, you can be sure that it has undergone an independent quality verification to ensure the best product is provided to farmers every time.

From quality building and housing products to heavy duty cattle handling equipment, all your farming project needs can be met in one spot. Moreover, as the standard for steel supplies in the top end of Australia, you can also depend on us for quality services.

Cattle Yard Design

With years of experience in the cattle farming, we understand the struggles and hardships that can present themselves when farmers least expect. We also understand the importance of curating a customised cattle yard that is specifically designed to suit the needs of your livestock and property.

Steel Supplies Charters Towers is committed to taking the stress off your shoulders and creating an ideal cattle yard design specifically tailored to your needs. Offering you consultation and assessment services, we take into consideration your farm and cattle yard requirements. From sketching, design, manufacturing, delivery and assembly of your yard, you can be sure that you are provided with the highest level of service without needing to lift a finger.

Steel Shed Fabrication

Our services don’t stop at durable products and cattle yard design services, we also offer farmers quality prefabricated sheds. Our highly skilled and experienced team will work based on your specifications in order to manufacture the perfect shed to fulfill your needs. At Steel Supplies Charters Towers, we offer a variety of shed solutions ranging from machinery shed to general stations and workshops. Working with you through the initial concept, you will be able to create the ideal shed for your property in line with your specific needs.

Invest in quality, durability and reliability as well as the expertise and experience of farmers dedicated to making your farm a more comfortable and stress-free environment.

For all your fabricated steel needs, look no further than Steel Supplies Charters Towers – contact us here.