Two steel cattle dips shot from the side

3 Ways to Use Steel on Your Cattle Property

Farming cattle can be a difficult task. Animals can generally be unpredictable and their welfare is almost entirely in a farmer’s hands. The tough Australian conditions paired with the difficulty of farming requires a robust, versatile material that can handle almost anything you throw at it. Steel is a fantastic choice for Aussie farms. Steel can be used to address almost all of your farming concerns. In farming cattle, there are three main things that are of the biggest concern to any farmer: Control, Storage and Health and Safety.

Controlling the Herd

Cattle do not always do as they are told. They have minds of their own and will act accordingly. They can wander, become frightened and run away. Being able to control the area they stay in is therefore, very important.

Steel fencing, gates and grids can restrict the movement of cattle, keeping them to a farmer’s property or even in a smaller area, within paddock or yard. Maintaining the perimeter ensures cattle remain within sight or within safe areas. A lack of control can result in cattle becoming lost, injuring themselves through falling or eating questionable or poisonous plants. Control is necessary for their safety and for a farmer’s livelihood.

Storage for Longevity

The storage of equipment and feed is vital. Improper storage can result in the feed losing some nutrients, equipment and feed being subject to weather damage, and pests getting into the food and spreading illness and diminishing quantity. Proper storage can ensure your feed and equipment will last longer. Getting proper storage is therefore crucial for the longevity of your farm. Having a steel shed designed and tailored to your specific needs would be ideal as this ensures your storage needs are met perfectly.

Tailored sheds can not only be perfectly customised to your needs, they can also help to ensure your yards and fencing will adapt to the changes yet to come to your farm. Whether your farm grows or downsizes, a tailored solution can help perceive your future needs and help you anticipate them if only by knowing your future options.

Ensuring Health and Safety

Cattle health is paramount and all steps must be taken to maintain it. This includes having regular vet check-ups and keeping up to date with vaccinations. Obviously, putting themselves in close proximity to a frightened or nervous animal may put the vet at risk. To ensure a safer check-up it is necessary to keep a bull or cow within a tighter space during the examination, for their safety and the vet’s.

Steel dips can also be used for health reasons. By bathing the cattle in the dips, mites and pesticides can be removed easily and relatively painlessly. Bathing cattle every now and then can help to maintain the health of cattle and be a preventative measure for other health problems as well.


These three things can only be enhanced by the use of robust, durable steel products. Solving your problems by using a material built for the harsh Australian conditions only ensures the longevity of the farm and infrastructure and the farm itself. The versatility of steel ensures that whatever infrastructure problem you may have on your farm; steel can provide you with a solution.

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