Steel in Pasture Management & Farm Maintenance

4 Important Uses for Galvanised Steel in Pasture Management & Farm Maintenance

Winter is an incredibly important time for farmers to maintain their property; protecting it from the weather and the risk of disrepair. While providing shelter and water for your herd will increase the likelihood of your cattle surviving, there are still other factors that need to be considered. During the colder periods of the year, farmers are short on resources and need to implement efficient pasture management strategies. Luckily, the benefits provided by steel products allow for farmers to effectively manage their farms.

To help Aussie farmers prepare, here are the top 4 steel supplies needed for effective farm management this winter.


Fences can maximise the grazing efficiency of your cattle. By planning your cattle yards carefully and using the appropriate amount of fencing, you can subdivide your farm into allotments that suit the needs of your herd.

Almost all farmers use steel for their fencing wire, but often find it doesn’t last as long as they’d expect against the wind and the rain. This is because many farmers aren’t utilising galvanised steel which is shielded from rusting and sudden changes in temperature thanks to the addition of a metal cathode such zinc or copper.


When subdividing your farm into allotments, it’s also important to consider the amount of force that’s being exerted over each area of your fence. Even one weak post can see your fence collapse, allowing for your cattle to access pastures reserved for later in the year.

While some farmers opt for wooden posts in fencing, many are turning away from the material because of its tendency to rot, which costs farmers a significant amount of time and money to replace. Alternatively, galvanised steel fence posts provide a level of strength, security and durability to the structure of your farm and your pastures which isn’t afforded by any substitute.


Ensuring you have the right water and fertiliser delivery system in place is an essential part to minimising the use of scarce resources for the maintenance of pastures. Most farms will use a drip irrigation system fitted with plastic piping due to the initial lower cost of the materials. However, concerns surrounding the effects microplastics can have on public health and the environment are seeing many farmers make the switch to galvanised steel pipes, which protect against rust and is less sensitive to changes in temperature.


By making sure you thoughtfully plan the location of your gates, you can control the flow of your cattle more effectively, allowing for you to improve your ability to transfer them from one paddock or pasture to another. While many farmers use wooden gates between paddocks, they lack the strength and longevity to keep up with the needs of most farmers. Galvanised steel gates offer higher tensile strength, better protection and increased durability against the elements and corrosion.

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