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4 Things to Consider When Securing Your Farm

Conditions are getting tougher and tougher for Aussie farmers. A volatile climate and volatile markets have been plaguing the agriculture industry for a long time and they are just 2 of many the problems modern farmers face. If you’re uncertain what the next step forward is, you’re not alone. Technology is now being used much frequently to tackle many of the key issues the industry faces, including scarce resources and farm security etc.

To help farmers get more comfortable with using technology, we have constructed our list of 4 major things to consider when boosting security on your farm.

Protect Your Hardware

Before you invest in anything remotely advanced, the most important thing to do is make sure you can keep it locked up safely and securely. The best way to do this is to follow the trend of other farmers by investing in security cameras, which are becoming cheaper with time. However, this may only operate as a deterrent when you need physical protection.

The best way to navigate this is by ensuring your cattle-yard, sheds, and home are all made of durable structures and are locked with strong metals like steel. Superior to many of its competitors, galvanised steel offers all the benefits of regular steel, but its zinc/zinc alumina coating gives it a greater level of resistance to rust and dealing with changes in weather.

Using galvanised steel to build your property and protect it with locks and chains to match will help ensure that your valuables remain on your land and nowhere else.

Taking advantage of Mobile Apps

There are many mobile apps designed to help ease the life of farmers in their day-to-day operations and long-term plans. A great example is the ‘Farmhand’ app, which is a platform for farmers to place jobs for farmhands and where job seekers are able to build a profile that lists their skills and level of experience in the same. Farmers can also set how long the job will be active for, while easily managing interview dates and other important information. Here’s another extensive list of apps to consider for your farm.

A Bird Eye View From GPS, Data & Drones

Taking this one step further, more ambitious farmers may use an integrated system of satellite-derived information that can help them gain valuable insight into farm health and weather patterns in the region by collecting data in real-time. This can be enhanced by using drones, which have the added benefit of giving you an eagle-eye view of your cattle yard and grazing pasture. This can help monitor the behaviour and health of your cattle, giving you a good indication of how well your farm is operating.

Automotive Technologies

There are massive developments being made in agriculture technology right in here in Australia that are flagged to improve the way cattle farmers can operate their business. The NSW native tech startup Agerris has been developing technologies that assist horticulture and cattle farms, which has allowed them to acquire over $30 million in funding for prototypes and operations. Their recently unveiled ‘Swagbot’ is a fast, all-terrain vehicle that can autonomously detect and kill weeds in your paddock. The vehicle also has the capacity to herd and monitor the health and wellbeing of your livestock. While they might be pricey in the near future, we think these technologies will be invaluable to your farm as prices decrease over time.


While we don’t have all of the answers we can certainly help you with the first step on our list. If you’re looking to take the first step in building a secure farm, feel free to get in contact with us today.

Image source: Shutterstock (304325819)