Purchase Locally Made Cattle Handing Equipment

6 Reasons To Purchase Locally Made Cattle Handing Equipment

A well-designed cattle-yard can last decades, processing thousands of cattle in its lifetime and requiring minimal maintenance. Not only does supporting local businesses help the Australian economy, but it also delivers dozens of benefits that help grow the Australian agricultural sector.

Constructing a well-designed, high-quality, and functional cattle-yard is crucial for safe, efficient, and proper cattle handling. The functionality of a cattle yard has lasting effects on the stress of a cow, which significantly impacts the quality of meat produced. While the difference between purchasing cattle handling equipment from local suppliers or overseas suppliers is clearly represented in the price, the benefits of purchasing local products outweigh the cons.

Purchasing steel supplies from local suppliers reals the following benefits:

  1. Made to Australian Standards

Products that are made to Australian standards represent some of the highest qualities in the world. Due to the strict quality regulations, farmers who choose to support local businesses are given the peace of mind to purchase a product of the highest quality. Australian standards ensure that farmers and cattle are kept safe throughout the process, and can withstand anything that comes their way.

Ensuring that cattle handling equipment is made of the highest standard is important to see the equipment last decades and avoid the cost of regular replacement and repair. The short-term benefit of producing cheaper overseas equipment may prove beneficial in the short run. However, investing in locally-made higher quality products is more cost-effective in the long run and also ensures cattle are handled safely.

  1. Customer service

Choosing the right product for your agricultural needs represents only half of the solution. Ensuring that farmers can truly understand every aspect of their product and get in contact with helpful staff that can assist in that process is where the remainder of the customer value is derived from.

Having strong customer support is unparalleled in value. Choosing the right products, designing unique cattle yards and truly understanding products throughout the process is crucial to obtaining the most value.

More money can generally be spent on products from overseas with no customer support as farmers cannot solve a problem when it occurs, subsequently having to replace the product entirely. Although customer service has no intrinsic value on paper, a good customer service model will prove more profitable in the long run. More functional value is obtained from the product through ongoing support.

  1. Support the environment

In what may seem like a very indirect cause and effect, purchasing Australian-made products is more beneficial for the environment than purchasing overseas. The amount of fuel and pollution expended to get the product overseas is considerably larger than purchasing from a local supplier.

Considering a large amount of the steel products in Australia are made of materials that were originally from Australian mines. The amount of fuel and pollution used to ship materials to another country only to receive them back is extenuating. Purchasing from local suppliers also betters the environment because stricter restrictions exist for manufacturing plants in Australia compared with other countries.

  1. Better supported under the Australian Warranty and Guarantees

Australia has some of the strictest laws in the world. So much so that companies are virtually unable to produce products that are not of merchantable quality; otherwise, they face the risk of considerably large fines. In May 2021, the Australia Consumer Law recently increased the amount of protection on goods and services from $40,000 to $100,000. This means Australian farmers who are cautious about spending increased money on locally sourced products can have added peace of mind and comfort knowing that the quality of their product is protected.

  1. Better customised products

The need of every farm is different, each carrying a different number of cattle, in different climates, and produced for different purposes. With this in mind, designing farming configurations and cattle yard designs to suit your unique needs is paramount to running a successful farm.

Acquiring experienced professionals who can physically come to your farm (COVID permitting), assess your requirements and help draw a design unique to you is highly beneficial and worth the investment. Purchasing overseas products and trying to assemble them yourself can easily result in a cattle yard configuration that is designed poorly and fails to accommodate for the unique environment.

  1. Supporting the local economy

While international borders are closed, it’s important to support local businesses to keep the economy functioning. For every $1 million of manufacturing business in Australia, six full-time jobs are created, and $713,400 worth of gross value has been additionally generated. Purchases from these Australian companies help the economy grow stronger and increase the amount of economic opportunity for Australians.

As every farm is unique, their choice of agricultural supplies and design should reflect that and be made of only the highest quality materials. Steel Supplies Charters Towers provides quality steel products and customer service to ensure products are chosen according to the farmers’ needs and customers are satisfied with their purchase. Speak to our expert team at for any of your cattle handling equipment needs.

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