BENEFITS OF CHOOSING AUSTRALIAN-MADE PRODUCTS: Advantages of Investing in Locally Manufactured Cattle Handling Equipment

Advantages of Investing in Locally Manufactured Cattle Handling Equipment

A well-constructed cattle yard has the potential to endure for many years, facilitating the handling of numerous cattle throughout its lifespan while demanding minimal upkeep. Supporting local businesses not only contributes to the Australian economy but also brings about numerous advantages that foster the growth of the country’s agricultural sector.

The construction of a meticulously designed, top-notch, and functional cattle yard is paramount to ensure the safe, efficient, and proper handling of cattle. The functionality of a cattle yard has a lasting impact on the well-being of cows, which significantly influences the quality of the meat they produce. Although the price disparity between purchasing cattle handling equipment from local suppliers versus overseas suppliers is evident, the benefits of opting for local products outweigh the drawbacks.

Obtaining steel supplies from local suppliers yields the following benefits:

  1. Adherence to Australian Standards

Australian standards are renowned worldwide for their exceptional quality. The manufacturing of products in compliance with these standards represents the epitome of excellence. By actively supporting local businesses, farmers can confidently procure top-tier products. The implementation of Australian standards ensures the safety of farmers and livestock at every stage of the process, while also guaranteeing resilience in the face of adversities.

Maintaining the highest standards for cattle handling equipment is imperative to its longevity, as it reduces the need for frequent replacements and repairs. Although opting for cheaper overseas equipment may seem advantageous in the short term, investing in locally made products of superior quality proves to be more cost-effective in the long run. Moreover, it ensures the safe handling of cattle. Steel Supplies Charters Towers adheres to the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 2312.1:2014 -Guide to the protection of structural steel against atmospheric corrosion by the use of protective coatings, Part 1: Paint coatings.
  • AS/NZS 5131:2016 Structural steelwork – Fabrication and erection.
  • AS/NZS 1163:2016 Cold-formed structural steel hollow sections.
  1. Excellent Customer Service

Choosing the appropriate product is merely the initial step towards fulfilling farming requirements. The other significant aspect lies in acquiring a profound comprehension of the product and having access to knowledgeable staff who can provide assistance throughout the entire process.

The presence of reliable customer support holds immeasurable worth. Opting for products from foreign sources where customer support is absent frequently leads to farmers being unable to resolve issues as they emerge, ultimately requiring complete replacement of the product. Although customer service may not possess inherent value on the surface, a robust customer service framework proves to be more advantageous in the long term, as it enhances the functional value derived from the product through continuous support.

  1. Environmental Support

Purchasing Australian-made products may appear less direct, but it actually has a significant positive environmental impact when compared to buying from overseas. The transportation of products across international borders involves extensive fuel consumption and pollution, whereas supporting local suppliers mitigates these environmental burdens. Moreover, a substantial portion of steel products in Australia is sourced from local mines, reducing the necessity for material shipment abroad and its consequent environmental repercussions.

Opting for local suppliers also aligns with Australia’s stringent manufacturing plant regulations, surpassing those of other nations and resulting in superior environmental outcomes. By consciously choosing Australian-made products, consumers contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation and endorse an eco-friendlier manufacturing industry that prioritises sustainable practices within the country.

  1. Enhanced Warranty and Guarantees

Australia boasts some of the world’s strictest laws, ensuring that companies are virtually unable to produce products that do not meet merchantable quality standards. Failure to comply risks significant fines. In May 2021, the Australian Consumer Law increased the protection on goods and services from $40,000 to $100,000, providing Australian farmers who are cautious about their spending with added peace of mind regarding the quality of their purchased products.

  1. Tailored Customisation

Each farm possesses its own set of demands, encompassing different quantities of cattle, diverse weather conditions, and specific objectives. As a result, the crucial aspect of operating a prosperous farm lies in devising farming configurations and cattle yard layouts that cater to these individual requirements. Seeking the expertise of seasoned professionals who can personally visit the farm, evaluate its needs, and aid in crafting a tailored design proves immensely advantageous and certainly worthwhile. Opting for overseas purchases and attempting self-assembly frequently leads to inadequately designed cattle yards that are unable to accommodate the distinctive environment of the farm.

  1. Promoting the Local Economy

Promoting the growth of local businesses is crucial to ensure the long-term prosperity of the economy. Investing $1 million in Australian manufacturing enterprises leads to the establishment of six full-time jobs, as well as an additional $713,400 worth of generated gross value. By choosing to purchase products made in Australia, you directly contribute to job creation, employment opportunities, and the future of our country’s manufacturing sector. The pandemic served as a reminder of our dependence on international trade, as it resulted in shipping delays and a scarcity of essential goods. To establish Australia as a self-sufficient nation on the global stage, it is imperative to maintain a robust economy, which can be achieved through our support for domestic industries.

Benefits of buying locally made products include:

  • More job opportunities for Australians.
  • Money spent on local products remains within the community, fostering its growth.
  • Increased self-sufficiency on a global scale.
  • Strengthening Australia’s economic future by preserving local manufacturing.
  • Creation of products that can be sold to international buyers, generating income from trade.

Buying steel supplies and cattle handling equipment from local experts like Steel Supplies Charters Towers would greatly benefit the Australian economy. It would promote domestic manufacturing and support local businesses, stimulating economic growth and job creation.

By investing in local expertise, the demand for steel supplies and cattle handling equipment would boost the revenue of Australian companies, contributing to increased tax revenues for the government. Additionally, purchasing from local experts helps reduce dependence on imports, strengthening the nation’s self-sufficiency and promoting a robust and sustainable economy.