Steel Shed Storage

Benefits of Steel Shed Storage

No one would argue that valuables are at risk and unprotected when outside, and the resources on your farm are no different. Grain feed isn’t left out in the rain, it’s stored away where it’s dry and it can remain safe. The same is true for any number of things you can find on a farm. Thinking about this raises the question, what’s the best material to use for shelter? Although we may be a bit biased, we have a number of good reasons to believe that the answer is steel shed storage.

Consider these key benefits of steel shed storage when choosing a shelter on your farm:

Designed to Your Specifications

A steel shed can be efficiently designed exactly to your requirements. All of your concerns and specifications can be discussed throughout the custom design process. A wooden design entails far more work with much heavier materials needed, particularly as the shed scales up.

While it’s true that you can design and plan any structure to your specifications, the process is easy to execute with a steel shed. Our cost-effective design and manufacturing procedure involves the use of CAD software to allow you to visualise exactly how your structure will fit into the landscape of your farm.

Weather Resistance

No feasible alternative can beat the durability of steel. Whichever way you spin it, wood and other building materials are more susceptible to extreme weather conditions than steel. Although steel is susceptible to rust after many years, a trusty coat of galvanised paint will dispel those worries. All of our steel sheds are of course constructed with galvanised steel. Other disagreeable weather like severe storms and wind will cause other materials to expand and contract, reducing the shelter’s integrity noticeably faster.

Fire is a serious threat on many Australian farms for long periods during the year. In the event that a fire sweeps across your property, wooden shelters can only add fuel to the flames. Depending on the severity of the blaze, a steel shed may hold up, protecting supplies, equipment, livestock, hay or other feeds that you might be sheltering inside. There can be no doubt as to what the best choice is when it comes to resisting weather as a shelter material.

Steel Shed Storage Versatility

Something you just can’t ignore about steel shed shelters is their suitability for many different uses. Because of their weather and fire resistance, they are appropriate for storing a wider variety of content than most. Providing a more effective cover against wind, they can shelter loose contents more efficiently than wooden shelters. Steel shed storage is popular for grains and other feeds, animals, vehicles, heavy equipment and a multitude of other contents. At the end of the day, we feel safer knowing that what we want to protect is protected by steel.

Some of the other benefits to consider include:

  • Non-flammable steel provides increased fire resistance compared to many other materials.
  • Reduces likelihood of pest infestation or attack.
  • Lower construction and installation costs than other building materials.
  • Steel is easily cleaned.

There’s no questioning the importance of protecting your livelihood. For many farmers that means having affordable but reliable shelter.

If you’re thinking about installing a steel shed storage on your farm, get in contact with the team from Steel Supplies Charters Towers.