feeding livestock becomes significantly easier with the right equipment

Best Products for Feeding Livestock

Feeding livestock isn’t as simple as setting the table and yelling out “dinner is ready”. Keeping your livestock healthy requires efforts to assure they are being fed correctly. As the climate changes it is more important than ever to make sure the feed you provide is contained in the most optimal way. Fortunately, there are many products that can alleviate the stress of feeding a large number of mouths, whilst also providing high quality feed.

Livestock are generally fed a combination of roughage or silage and other dietary supplements including:

  • Hay
  • Barley
  • Grains
  • Soy

Feeding is a common process that involves more than just letting cattle graze. Some of the important products to assist farmers with feeding their herds are:

Feeding Livestock with Troughs and Grain Feeders

Troughs are common sights on farms with livestock. The benefits of troughs include:

  • Cost effectiveness – relatively cheap when considered against other feeding products
  • Prevents contamination – raising feed off the ground reduces the risk
  • Utility – many troughs are designed to cater to different types of livestock, with some designed to enable expansion and modifications. Steel troughs are fantastic for being sturdy and preventing knocking and tipping from larger livestock
  • Easily transported – often light, many troughs are stackable with some being mobile and easily relocated around a yard or paddock

Grain Feeders are similar to troughs with additional features including;

  • Controlled food intake – many grain feeders have mechanisms that automatically control the output of food
  • Large storage containers limit the need for refilling, drastically reducing labour
  • Weather resistance – often built with galvanised steel, feeders are typically impervious from adverse weather conditions
  • Mixed feeders – not all feeders distribute grain alone, options include feeders with split tanks for multiple types of feed, with additional functions for hay feeders

Hay Feeders

Livestock can’t always be on arable land, meaning grazing animals will need ways to receive their needed intake of roughage, hay being the most common supplement. It has been reported that hay left on the ground often results in approximately 30% of feed being fouled by livestock – hay cradles are an affordable way to counter fouling. Additionally, many feeders are designed to catch loose hay, further reducing waste. See some of our options here.

Useful equipment

Not all feeding equipment directly feeds livestock. Useful products for assisting in feeding livestock include:

Feed-out carts

Multifunctional carts can assist in trail feeding and the distribution of feed from silos to troughs, paddocks and grain feeders.


Providing a simple and effective solution for protecting livestock from the sun during hot days and exposed troughs from rain. Livestock don’t want to spend prolonged periods in intense sunlight and since your trough may be permanently fixed to the ground, a shelter is a cost-effective solution to dealing with the light.

Containment fencing

Useful for maximising productivity during harsh weather conditions. Containment fencing is a great way to control areas and avoid over grazing. The fencing can be either temporary or permanent, restricting access to certain areas allows pastures to regrow.


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