Peter Doonan founder of steel supplies charters towers

From Boilermaker to Businessman: Starting Steel Supplies Charters Towers with Peter Doonan

Steel Supplies Charters Towers has grown to become one of the region’s most trusted steel suppliers. So how did our very own Peter Doonan manage to build the brand so successfully?

Building Steel Supplies Charters Towers with Experience

Originating from a backyard up in Northern Queensland, with experience rearing cattle, Peter understood the agricultural processes involved in raising a heard of livestock. During the earlier days, Peter welded custom steel orders in his shed. Consequently, combining these welding skills and agricultural interest led to his designing equipment optimised for the handling of livestock. Peter’s working background includes boiler making, sales and managing a fabrication company. After a few years, he became determined to become self-employed. Peter established Steel Supplies Charters Towers in 2004 after realising his backyard business could be scaled into something much more significant.

Understanding Customer Needs

Peter’s personal experience in cattle farming has ingrained a deeper level of customer understanding within Steel Supplies Charters Towers’ design and manufacturing processes. First-hand knowledge ensures that SSCT does not sell any steel products that Peter wouldn’t use himself on his own farm.


With a limited budget and 15-hour working days, the company’s beginnings were a far cry from where it is today. Peter’s commitment to the business saw him surviving on equity from his own property, “The money we made, I put back into the business for the first few years. I took no wages for two years.”


Dedication like this isn’t always easy, such responsibility meant Peter’s social life had to be put on hold, “While everyone else was having a beer on a Friday night I was hitting the shed… While everyone else was at the races or watching footy on a Sunday, I was in the shed welding.This commitment is why our team at SSCT can enjoy the precious moments with our friends and family.


So, what does Peter think about building a brand? “Passion, prudence and people skills” are essential Peter says. SSCT is known for its commitment to the prompt delivery of the highest-quality steel products to locations all over Australia. The ability to work with anyone is integral: “being straight with people – staff and customers – is important.” It’s key to be a realist.


Steel Supplies Charters Towers’ origin story is one of focus and determination. From its backyard beginnings to its current interstate operation, the company has adopted a philosophy of hard work and applied resolution. Get in contact with us to learn more.