Grazier experience guarantees our steel supplies as purpose built and fit for use on farms

How Our Grazier Experience Makes Our Steel Supplies Better

Making the wrong decision when choosing a steel supplier can be a very expensive mistake with long-term consequences. It requires a significant investment and it’s a decision you’ll most likely be living with for many years. The question is how can you guarantee confidence in your steel supplies?

Sometimes it seems like there’s not much between different options. Steel is steel… right? Well, not exactly. While it’s all well and good to produce steel in a factory, when that steel is purpose-built for farming and handling cattle, some first-hand experience is invaluable.

Personal Experience

Something unique about Steel Supplies Charters Towers and the products we offer, is the first-hand experience of founder Peter Doonan. Growing up in a country town, Peter is no stranger to farms. He has been a long-time grazier in the Roma/Injune area, rearing cattle and taking care of other farm work for many years now. Peter’s work as a grazier begun long before the creation of Steel Supplies Charters Towers. Prior to beginning the company, he was able to combine his welding and boiler making expertise with his knowledge of cattle rearing.

Where We’ve Come From

Steel Supplies Charters Towers has been producing top-quality steel products for over 15 years now. We’ve developed a reputation for unquestionable quality and unmatched service. Delivering all across Australia with a focus on regional Queensland and the Northern Territory has led us to helping diverse and exciting clients. We pride ourselves on delivering honest, reliable advice and industry leading purpose-built steel supplies. As a regional business, we understand living in the country and are always looking to support our community and our neighbours.

Understanding the Challenges

What helps make our steel manufacture of such a high quality is our deep understanding of the challenges of raising livestock. Although everyone in the business has a bit of country in them, we get the expert knowledge from Peter himself. Peter designs a significant number of our steel components himself. His use of other options means he knows what works, what’s safe for humans and livestock and what lessens stress on the animals. This, along with our accreditations and second-to-none service, guarantee our steel supplies.

Why Steel Supplies Charter Towers?

Choosing the right supplier is a crucial decision for the future and infrastructure of your farm. Asking the right questions is integral to making the correct choice. Consider:

  • Can they guarantee delivery?
  • Are independent quality verifications provided for their fabricated steel supplies?
  • Do they provide transparent reliability statistics?
  • Are they personally experienced using steel supplies in rural and remote locations?

You’ll have confidence in your selection if the supplier can respond yes to all of these questions.


Learning the ins and outs of a product with first-hand experience gives the manufacturer an understanding that some competitors will never have. We’re proud to support other rural businesses and communities with our steel products and other contributions. If you’d like to know more about what we have learned through our first-hand grazier experience, please reach out to the team at Steel Supplies Charters Towers.