New innovations in quote technology are improving builder client relationships

How Technology is Changing the Way We Quote

Quoting has always been a critical step in builder client communications. Clients need to know what they’re getting and how much they’re paying for it. Failure to properly agree on these details prior to construction is a recipe for disaster.

Stories of client builder relationships going south are unfortunately all too common when a significant difference in expectations becomes apparent; particularly after a project has commenced. Fortunately, one thing making this less common is professionals becoming better and better at quoting jobs. This process has been excelled by the innovation of different kinds of quote technology.

Google Earth

Google Earth is a technology that may surprise some people with how useful it is in our work. Delivery of materials and onsite construction are essential parts of our offering. This service takes us all across Australia, with focus over northern Queensland and the Northern Territory. Using Google Earth gives us an aerial perspective of a client’s property, no matter where it is located. With so much of our work centred on construction in unfamiliar locations, Google Earth provides us with the perspective we need. This includes how feasible a site is for construction, how we will get there and what physical challenges and landmarks we need to be aware of. These considerations are all crucial to the construction process and consequently impact how we quote.

Computer Aided Design

We recently explored computer aided design (CAD) technology in a previous blog, which can be found here. The general explanation is that CAD is a software that simulates a design and its elements, while documenting the process for reference. CAD provides the key benefit of a graphical representation (in both 2D and 3D) to enable enhanced discussion. This eliminates the possibility of miscommunication of the design concept, as we have a clear depiction to go by.

Communication Technology

Enhanced communication channels have made the entire quoting process and client builder relationship far easier to manage. Not that long ago, we relied solely on phone calls and physical drafts, which were far less accessible and shareable than today’s options. Email, direct message and file hosting and sharing technologies have made it easier to plan, quote and discuss a build than was previously possible. These have sped up the process and provide great benefit to both our clients and ourselves.


Steel fabrication and construction, like so many other industries, is constantly disrupted by new technologies. They give us the ability to be faster, more accurate and communicate more effectively when we quote. All of these innovations have enhanced our client relationships. New quoting technologies continue to improve communication and building processes, meaning we are able to refine the final product even further.

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