Keeping cows safe on farms requires the right cattle handling equipment

Increasing Safety with Cattle Handling Equipment

Safety is a top priority on any farm – neglecting it is a sure way to run the business into the ground. Regular commitment and investment are needed from farmers to properly care for cattle. And while it’s important that farmers invest the effort into tending to their livestock’s needs, there is no substitution for the correct cattle handling equipment. Any experienced farmer knows this and although proper equipment can be costly, it is always well worth the investment. Cleaning, housing and feeding cattle can all require specialised equipment. While each farm has its own unique requirements, some types of equipment are needed on every farm.

Cattle Yard Design

Investment in an effective steel cattle yard design can be invaluable in keeping not only livestock safe, but workers as well. Working with a professional steel supplier is the way to go when it comes to cattle yard design. Their expert knowledge in individual components of a cattle yard and access to proven designs can be essential when planning your own steel cattle yard. A successful cattle yard design will encourage flow of cattle, meaning they will follow one another as a group. Disruptions to the flow in a yard can present opportunity for cattle to injure themselves. This is also true for anyone who might be working in the yard. Proper gates, exits, races and rotary force components all play a crucial role in a steel cattle yard design. Maximise livestock safety by cohesively implementing these elements together.


Any property used for rearing cattle is almost certain to have a cattle ramp of some description already installed. The ramps on many Australian farms are old and run down. This means that many cattle ramps on these properties are wooden and have rotted or are otherwise decrepit. An old and rundown ramp presents a safety hazard to cattle during the loading procedure. Should your farm contain a ramp like that, it’s definitely worth upgrading to a newer and safer option. Your choices include fixed, mobile and portable – depending on the layout of your farm, a mobile or portable option may be just what you need. Modern steel cattle ramps offer farmers security in an engineered design that guarantees to support the weight of livestock.


Grids play an important role on many farms where cattle range around larger or less bound areas. Preventing cattle from wandering off a property or from a given area is essential on any farm. A cattle grid bears the weight of farm vehicles while discouraging livestock from moving through the specific chokepoint.


Keeping livestock safe on a property is an ongoing task which requires not just an attentive farmer, but the right cattle handling equipment as well. Livestock welfare is always a priority on the farm. Animals represent the farmer’s livelihood, so due care must be taken when caring for them. For more information on keeping cattle safe with the right equipment, reach out to the team at Steel Supplies Charters Towers.