Maintaining productivity on farms during times of social restrictions might mean fixing fences or completing other projects

Incredible Ways To Maintain Productivity on Farms During Coronavirus

Coronavirus or COVID-19 isn’t just for big cities, with a wave of cases being reported throughout Australia including in rural and regional communities. This is having a substantial impact as people try to retain productivity on farms despite the changing circumstances.

The agricultural industry is mostly business as usual, although restrictions have significantly impacted the supply chain.

Many farmers are self-sufficient and that productivity is essential to the farming community. Furthermore, that work is also crucial to providing Australians with the freshest vegetables and readily available produce.


Many tasks around the farm can be completed to fill idle time.

Fence Maintenance and Planning

Life on a farm is one continuous round of mending fences. The regularity of maintenance on fences is one task that many farmers like to put off, until of course, they can’t anymore. Consider planning a schedule to efficiently work through problem areas in your fence lines. Maintain the fences in your yards and paddocks. This will keep track of livestock and order on the farm.

Shelter Construction

Shelter is crucial for numerous reasons: the comfort of livestock; the protection of resources; and the housing of equipment, among others. You might want to think about building basic shelters (or more complex ones depending on your ability) out of any timber, metal and corrugated sheets you have handy. Design of yards and paddocks should be taken into account, but generally having more shelter is always a good thing. With the wildly temperamental weather conditions we experience all over Australia, the structures you build provide your livestock with some much-needed relief from the elements.


Home Improvements

While this is something you already work on from time to time, you’ll accomplish more with increased work. Many farmhouses are quite old and have the wear and tear to show for it. Staying home during the COVID-19 crisis means more time to knock out those little jobs that keep piling up.  Working on the house will create a sense of satisfaction and productivity, whilst you’re unable to complete other normal duties.


While it’s difficult to know how things will progress with the Coronavirus Outbreak, it’s always wise to remain productive. When being restricted from normal duties, focusing that energy elsewhere and retaining productivity on farms is the best alternative. Projects to increase the durability and quality of your farm’s infrastructure are of great benefit. You’ll enjoy these improvements long after the situation has returned to normal.

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