Looking for ways to help your cattle stay cool this summer?

Farmers will definitely benefit from the Cattle Yard Design Service. This service allows farmers to individually design their own cattle yard to suit their own needs and requirements. The Computer Aided Design (CAD) service allows you to see the designs that are sketched and allows you to view the final product to ensure your cattle yard design is customisable to your requirements.

Issues related to not having the correct shelter this Summer

Australia is a country that can experience one climatic change to another, and it makes it difficult for farmers to provide the most suitable environment for their cattle to live in. Due to severe weather conditions, productivity among the cattle tends to decline as they are more focused on finding shelter to survive. Reproductive problems among the cattle tend to rise due to lower semen quality which causes birth rates among the female cattle to decline. Newly born cattle are vulnerable to the hot weather without having shelter as they become dehydrated and this increases the deaths among the herd.

Furthermore, as shelters provide safety for the cattle by protecting them from the heat, it is necessary to provide protection for any extreme weather conditions. Another issue for cattle is the stress caused by hot weather tends to negatively affect the milk harvest, milk fat and protein percentages, causing conception and birth rates to diminish.

It is so important to keep your cattle cool with the right shelter this Summer. Now is the time to ask our experts at Steel Supplies Charters Towers to help assist you with designing and developing the most suitable shelter to match your and your cattle’s needs. Email us today at sales@ssctowers.com.au or give us a call at 07 4787 4355 to get a free quote.