Best Sale Ever

Our Best Sale Ever for Steel Supplies

Steel Supplies Charters Towers is proud to announce our best sale ever. We understand the importance of our community having access to world-class steel supplies in light of one of the biggest materials shortages the country has faced in years. In order to help our customers, understand the crisis around Australia, we’ve provided a brief overview of what’s happening in the industry and what we’re doing to help.

What’s Going on in the Market

While we’d normally like to talk about our products, prices and services, there’s an issue facing Australia that needs to be discussed first. Australia’s building and construction industry is facing a massive materials shortage in response to the nation’s bushfires and the booming growth of the housing market. This shortage of wood traditionally used for the production of housing has swayed the decision of builders to select steel supplies instead.

For domestic and international steel importers and exporters, COVID-19 has denied access to global markets for steel for Australian builders and manufacturers, as well as a variety of other resources. In response steel providers must source domestic steel, which is scarce, leading to an increase in prices across Australia on July 1. As steel has been replacing timber in building and construction for some time, this heightened demand from suppliers will inevitably lead to a further increase in steel prices.

Why Now is the Best Time to Buy

In response to what’s currently going on in the market, securing enough steel at a low price will be important to reduce your costs in the short term, but given the uncertainty surrounding access to foreign suppliers, these prices increases might be here to stay. The best way to minimise your costs in the long term is to gain an adequate amount of steel that satisfies the needs of your future projects, as the market is still subject to volatility.

Why Choose Steel Supplies Charters Towers?

At Steel Supplies Charters Towers, we offer a wide range of steel products for cattle handling solutions, cattle yard designs and even end-to-end fabricated steel sheds. For over 15 years, our team has proven experience in helping farmers and locals in the top end of Australia, but we don’t stop there. No matter where you are in Australia, we deliver and provide you with transparent and reliable advice.

Our largest sale ends this financial year so make sure to have your orders in before June 30 and take advantage of these savings. Contact us on our website, call us or send an email to secure your order today!