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Six Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Steel Supplier

Steel is a hugely popular metal used in residential, commercial or large construction projects. With many options, it can be overwhelming to select a steel supplier for the first time. It is important to do your research and perform due diligence on a company before signing a contract however, this is not always possible through online sources. Asking the right questions of your potential supplier is important and sometimes, the best way to research their credentials.

Choosing a Steel Supplier

If you’ve never worked with a metal supplier before, consider the following factors before choosing one:

  1. Product range

    Choose a supplier with a wide product range so that you can have all your steel requirements met instead of sourcing them from different companies. Most suppliers are able to measure, quote and fabricate to order.

  2. Verified quality

    Lots of suppliers make heavy claims about selling high quality products however, these are sometimes not substantiated appropriately. It is important that you check that a supplier’s manufactures their products to meet Australian standards for steel (ASXXXX). As a potential customer, you can request to see a copy of these product certifications issued by independent agencies.

  3. Processing equipment

    Most customers don’t care to find out about the equipment used to fabricate products however, this is an important factor to consider. Look for suppliers who utilise modern processing equipment and techniques rather than manual fabrication methods as that often means that if you need a replacement product in the future, it will be quickly available.

  4. Liability insurance

    Always check if your supplier has adequate liability insurance in the event that their products malfunction or do not work. This will cover you for any resulting financial losses.

  5. Volume rebate

    Steel products are often competitively priced so ensure that your suppliers prices are not through the roof. At the same time, incredibly low prices may equate to low quality products, so it is best to get a few quotes off suppliers and compare. Ask for a volume rebate if you’re buying steel or metal products in bulk as suppliers often offer this benefit.

  6. Experience

    Don’t be shy to question a supplier about their experience in using the products they’re selling. If you’re based in a rural or remote location, ask your supplier if they supply or service that location often. Extreme weather conditions, lengthy delays in delivery and replacement availability are only some of the issues that affect customers in rural areas.

Steel Supplies Charters Towers specialises in servicing remote and rural areas of Queensland and have years of experience in using, supplying, installing and maintaining their products in these areas. Contact us for more information.