solar panels can be mounted on steel sheds to take advantage of the unused space

Solar Panels on Steel Sheds

Think of a steel shed. A trusty though somewhat boring type of structure – there’s not much room for imagination so it would seem. But, as steel fabricators, we know and see all when it comes to steel sheds – and the pick of the day is solar energy. You build a steel shed because you need to protect the things – equipment, supplies, livestock – all that go inside a structure. But what about that space on the roof? Most people don’t even consider that it provides an ideal space to mount solar panels.

Benefits of Solar Energy

An overwhelming majority of Australians are in favour of investing more into solar energy. As a farmer and property owner, the opportunity is there for you to take. Consider some of the main reasons why more people are choosing to invest in solar panels:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Solar panels have become substantially cheaper as technology has progressively developed. The cost of panels has dropped by around 75% over recent years, making them more accessible to Australians. Solar is of course an investment – but after taking that initial leap, it is only a matter of time until they pay for themselves with the energy they generate.

  1. Minimal Maintenance

Solar systems require far less maintenance than most people realise. Some owners like to clean the panel’s glass faces, often on an annual basis. How necessary cleaning is up for debate, however. Newer panels are highly resistant to dust and other weather considerations; they can generally be left to their own devices post installation.

  1. Environmental Impact

Lessening impact on the environment is also front of mind when considering installing solar panels. The fewer fossil fuels are needed to meet our energy requirements, the less long-term damage to the environment. Renewables are the way of the future and currently we think that solar can supply 60% of Australia’s energy demands.

  1. Property Value

People commonly forget that installing solar panels increases the value of their property. Should you decide that you want to sell at some point, you’ll have warranted a higher sale price. Any prospective buyer inherits all of the benefits of solar.

Mounting Solar Panels on Your Steel Shed

Our experience in steel sheds prepares us to design, manufacture, deliver and construct to any prescribed requirements. Like any other modification, there’s more to think about throughout design and manufacture when adding solar to a steel shed. Should you decide to install solar panels on your shed, the design can account for them and ensure their performance.

A designer would plan the pitch of the roof to face north or west, so as to maximise the solar exposure of the panels. Given the position of Australia in relation to the sun, solar systems mounted on an eastern or southern facing face would fail to be as effective. During the planning phase, we can also ensure that we construct sufficient bracing for the roof to support the weight of the panels. This becomes especially important as the width of the shed and number of solar panels increase.


Solar panels are just one example of an innovation that can be added to the trusty reliable structure that is a steel shed. If you’re wanting to speak to someone about designing a custom-built steel shed, get in contact with the team from Steel Supplies Charters Towers today.