Use of exposed steel beams in a beautiful modern home

Steel Materials in Homes

With the increasing use of steel materials in rural farming developments, the material has been somewhat disconnected from its utility in building residential homes. However, it should be remembered that steel is not just being used for steel shed fabrication purposes. Steel is also commonly used as a material for residential constructions. Here are some reasons to consider steel materials for building your next home.

Steel in design

Steel is a sought-after material amongst many modern designers, as it’s often paired nicely with other architectural elements like glass and concrete. Its popularity has increased particularly in modern architecture, often as exposed beams. The natural aesthetic of steel is continually showcased by many architects and designers, most of whom choose to expose the structural steel elements rather than cover them up for aesthetic.


Steel is also chosen for its durability, flexibility and weight, all of which are superior in the steel products compared to their timber counterparts. The strength of steel is also advantageous for designing open plan constructions. The strength sustained across a beam of steel (a quality timber lacks) makes this an excellent material for such designs.

Quicker to build with

Developments in building modelling, computer assisted design and manufacturing techniques, have not just contributed to increased quality of materials, but also the acceleration of the building process, decreasing time and cost in on-site installations and adjustments. This has greatly reduced the on-site effort and labour costs needed to modify any steel products. So particular aspects of the house design (such as the fasciae and guttering), can be efficiently customised & developed using the aforementioned advancements.


Another key consideration of steel as a residential building material is that it is incredibly sustainable, as 85% of steel materials are recycled. Steel produced from scrapped materials uses a third of the energy needed to produce steel from virgin materials. The recycled material even proves to be just as durable as the originally sourced materials.


Steel Supplies Charters Towers aims not just to offer steel shed fabrication solutions but also to develop superior quality steel products that can even be used for residential housing designs. Make sure to consult the team at Steel Supplies Charters Towers, & they will be able to assist you in planning for your next building project, residential, farming or otherwise.