Steel Sheds As Homes

From container homes through to shed homes, a new wave of affordable, designer housing has emerged in Australia.

The number of sheds that are now being turned into Class 1a livable dwellings or shed homes has skyrocketed with good reason. Home owners are now seeking to have an easy to build, sustainable home that provides them with the financial freedom to own their own home while at the same time, live in a trendy environment.

If you consider how warehouses have been turned into modern home dwellings, it’s easy to see how much the trend has taken its own life particularly for those who are buying holidays homes or like the alternative living arrangements that a shed home provides.


A designer shed home allows for a modern, large environment that takes home owners away from the traditions of a standardised home.

Capitalising on the advances in steel fabrication, what was once an old shed, can become a new teenage retreat, guest house or second home.

Steel Supplies Charters Towers expects that over the next few years more people will turn to home sheds as their bases because of the cost of land and the ability to own your own home outright becoming more affordable and realistic.

Loft style home sheds often feature internal steel frames that are walls for segregated rooms and concrete polished flooring remains the top choice for those seeking a home shed.

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Steel Supplies