The Best Measures to Help You Protect Your Cattle

The Best Measures to Help You Protect Your Cattle

Your cattle are your farm’s number one investment. That’s why it is important that you protect your cattle and treat them with care when handling them at all times. The best measures that farmers and farm workers can take to protect their cattle is by investing in good quality farm gates and cattle yard sheds. Farmers also should take extra precautions with their cattle handling to help protect their cattle from stress as well as protect the cattle handler.

Australia’s harsh climate often presents many challenges to cattle farmers, from natural disasters to disease outbreaks, making it more critical than ever to have a plan in place to protect your herd. This topic will explore the best measures for you to take to help protect your cattle and ensure the success of your cattle farm.

Whether you are a seasoned cattle farmer or just starting out, these tips will help you keep your cattle safe and secure.


Gates are important to prevent your livestock from venturing outside a designated farm area. It is an important investment that will prevent your cattle from wandering out onto roads or onto neighbouring properties. Cattle wandering onto roads is a high-risk situation for both the animal and motorists. Additionally, gates help keep unwanted animals and pests out.

The best material for your gate is steel, gates need to be sturdy to prevent cattle from damaging gates. Gates also need to be able to cope with adverse weather conditions. With the proper maintenance, gates can last for several years giving your cattle the security they need. With a secure and proper gate, your cattle also get the space that they need to wander around and rest. A quality gate can last for decades without them needing to be replaced.

Cattle Yards

Cattle yards should be suitable in size and strength for cattle. Cattle yard structures protect your cattle while helping to provide safety to both cattle and handlers, preventing accidents. 

Structures that you might install to help you to increase your cattle handling efficiency include:

  • Curved races encourage easier movement of cattle, while preventing them from turning around against the flow of traffic.
  • Rotary forces facilitate the safe and controlled flow of cattle into a loading pen. Existing cattle yards can have rotary forces around them.

Steel Supplies cattle yards help to ease the cattle handling operation for you to ensure your yard adheres to all occupational health and safety requirements. This extends to sketching, designing, manufacturing, delivery, and assembly of your yard so you won’t have to do a thing.

Safe Cattle Handling

It is important that your cattle are handled with the least amount of stress possible, and that both the handler and cattle are safe during the process. Using high-quality steel cattle handling equipment designed with the safety of cattle in mind is the best measure for you to take for the safe handling of cattle while ensuring the handler’s safety.

Quality cattle handling equipment from a reputable steel supplier like Steel Supplies Charters Towers can help you prioritise the safety of your cattle as well as the safety of farmers.

Safe cattle handling practices

Another safe cattle handling practice is handling cattle out of peak times. When moving or handling your herd it is best practice to handle cattle early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This is because it will reduce heat stress to cattle in Summer as well as fatigue which could cause resistance from cattle to the handler.

For your safe cattle handling Steel Supplies Charters Towers mobile loading ramp is an example of one of the many cattle handling products that can assist you in loading your livestock with ease. The mobile cattle loading ramp helps to improve stock flow while ensuring the safety and efficiency for all farmers in the cattle handling process. Our mobile loading ramp assists the natural movement of cattle which helps with happier livestock and improves cattle management quality.

It is recommended to closely follow our suggested measures to protect your cattle and help them to thrive. Take the time to invest in the best measures for protecting your cattle and you will benefit from the rewards of healthy cattle and an efficient cattle farm.

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