Steel framing is become the obvious choice for many Australian home builders

Why More Australians are Choosing Steel Framing

Take a close look at newer construction builds and you might notice a trend – an increasing use of steel framing. The Australian construction industry has seen a steady increase in steel selection as a frame material, as people pay more attention to the advantages of its use. For a long time now, steel frames have been the obvious choice for use in commercial constructions; they’re built to last. The residential sector is also beginning to pay more attention to its benefits.

Steel Framing – Building for the Future

When building a home, you’re not just building a place to live, you’re planning and investing in your future. As construction technology and knowledge develop, some materials become outdated and others come into the fold. Steel is one material with a noticeably larger presence in home builds as of late. Its attributes make it the unrivalled choice for building long-term. This isn’t to say there’s no longer a place for wooden house frames, there certainly is, but over time wooden frames often succumb to rot or termite infestation. Steel framework is vulnerable to neither of these threats. Now more than ever before, people value reliability and longevity. Home construction is one process which will never ignore these priorities.


Anyone in the construction industry can confirm that wood just won’t match up to steel when it comes to accuracy. Warped or bowed wood is a common site on residential building sites – you can’t make a preference as to the straightness of the wood you have delivered. Steel on the other hand, is accurately plum to within tenths of a millimetre. Warpage in timber can increase over time and this can create serious and costly problems in your home. The precision of steel frames means that things like windows and doors are installed without issue. These same processes can become arduous and time consuming when working with wood.

Fire Resistance

In the event a fire threatens you home, steel is durable and flame retardant whereas wood will fuel the flames. This means that steel can slow the spread of fire within your home, buying you precious time. With so many of Australia’s residents living in bushfire prone regions, it’s not just housefires you need to think of during construction. Steel is ideal for anyone building in an area which might be threatened by bushfire. Although steel won’t safeguard your house from the impact of a bushfire, steel framing will offer you far more structural integrity. In a dire situation, this can stop the roof from falling in on you and save your life.

As people become more aware of the advantages of steel framing, its use in residential builds continues to increase. People are looking to the future and they’re realising more and more that steel is the material they can count on. For more information on the advantages of steel framework, get in touch with the team from Steel Supplies Charters Towers.