Steel cattle yards provide a safer and more reliable alternative to wooden yards

Why You Should Invest in Steel Cattle Yards

Farmers are always working to improve the farm. Upgrading the property for themselves, their family and livestock is constant work. Steel’s use is increasing in cattle yards and fencing, and for good reason. Having strong and reliable components in a cattle yard will make your farm safer and managing livestock easier. Steel cattle yard components provide a level of structure and durability that wood simply can’t measure up to.

Wood vs Steel

Although wood in cattle yards has traditionally been the popular choice due to aesthetic and access, it requires consistent maintenance to retain structural reliability. The temperamental nature of wood means that it will not last as long as steel. Farmers need to keep on top of splits, cracks and other damage which occurs as a result of varying weather conditions.

The effects of weather are always a concern. This is especially true on Australian farms which can be prone to drought, flood, fire and dust storm. Wooden structures expand and contract in fluctuating temperatures, leading to gaps and weaknesses in the fence. When building, remember that the lifespan of a wooden yard is significantly less that a steel one and more frequent repairs will be needed.

Steel cattle yards and fencing offer a range of benefits for regional farms including the following:

Durability of Steel

Steel is one of the most powerful, sturdy and durable materials used in construction on farms – and anywhere else for that matter. Warpage is almost never an issue for steel, while it is often the main problem for wood. The longevity of steel also comes from its ability to resist the impact of the elements when it is galvanised. Steel yards can last up to 50 years with appropriate care and maintenance, compared to just around 10 for wooden ones.

Steel’s Sustainability

Increasing recognition of the importance of using more sustainable, eco-friendly materials in construction is leading more people to choose steel over wood. Steel can go a long way in protecting the environment as it is completely recyclable. Additionally, the durable nature of steel means it lasts longer than alternatives, leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Steel fences also use a much lesser quantity of material when compared to a wooden fence with the same dimensions. Over the long term, this can make steel the more cost-effective choice as well.

Increasing Safety with Steel Cattle Yards

A good quality cattle yard is crucial to maintaining safety on a farm. Cattle farmers want to ensure that their yards and entire property are safely fenced. Without proper fencing, cattle might run amok as well as present a risk to motorists or pedestrians if they stray. The tough nature of steel makes it ideal for cattle yard fencing, effectively mitigating occupational health and safety risks. Its structural superiority over wood makes it an easy choice in terms of safety.


With grazier experience in our midst, Steel Supplies Charters Towers have a thorough understanding of the Australian farming industry. We can improve your farm with a range of cattle yard designs and other steel services tailored to your specific needs.

Our cattle yard design components are purpose built to increase the safety and effectiveness of livestock handling. If you’re looking for more information on the use of steel in cattle yards or other steel supplies, get in touch with our friendly team.