Cattle Yards Design

Steel Supplies Charters Towers offers a range of cattle yard designs and services, ensuring that our product suits all your farming requirements. As experienced farmers, we understand that animals can be unpredictable, and accidents can easily occur to handlers. Effective livestock handling structures can help provide safety to handlers and prevent accidents.

Our cattle yards are designed to optimise your cattle handling efficiency and ensure safety to both livestock and handler. We use thoughtful design to provide the features you need, like high clearance on gate frames. Our cattle yards are the heaviest, most robust relocatable yards on the market. All our cattle yard designs are based on principals of low stress stock handling and ease of operation for you, often utilising products from our Super Safe “T” range to ensure your yard adheres to all occupational health and safety requirements.

We offer a consultation and assessment service to take into consideration all factors of your farm and cattle yard requirements. Our service extends to sketching, design, manufacturing, delivery and assembly of your yard – you won’t have to lift a finger!

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