Our cattle plunge dips are baths designed to treat livestock with liquid treatments, by immersing livestock in liquid pesticide or other treatments. It is an effective way to treat a large herd of cattle, as cattle follow one another through the dip, which fills up to the cattle’s head, and gradually becomes shallower for their exit. Our Dips are an effective solution to controlling ticks, lice, flies, mites, and blowfly strike.

Like any Steel Supplies Charters Towers product, our Cattle Plunge Dips are built with the highest quality, globally sourced steel, providing strength, durability and longevity. Our steel has undergone an independent quality verification to ensure you are buying the best.


  • 10.5 metre long X 1.2 – 2.0 metre wide X 2.4 metre deep – 6.0mm plate
  • 2 pack chemical resistant Jodmastic87 paint 500 plus Microm thickness
  • Sandbleasted
  • 6.5-6.7 metre taper on the walk
  • Hardwood timber on floor for ease of cleaning and removal
  • Columns on the sides at 2.0 metre spacing to suit the roof
  • Bolted after the dip is put in-ground