Loading Ramp

Our permanent cattle loading ramps can assist you in loading your livestock with ease, improving your stock flow and ensuring your safety. Our cattle yards are designed to eliminate hazards, particularly reducing the risk of entrapment, instability of the ramps, and any inefficient loading practices causing stress and harm to people and livestock. We’ve covered all bases with our thoughtful loading ramp design, using premium steel for strength and durability.

Our permanent loading ramp is made with quality steel for outstanding strength and durability. If you are looking for an Australian-made, premium steel loading ramp, contact us today for a quote.


  • Sheeting to 1200mm to enable animals to focus on exits
  • Slope of ramp no more positive than 19 degrees as not to inhibit stock flow
  • Level extension at front will improve stock flow
  • Handrails and walkways are made non slip for OH&S purposes
  • Rubber belting available for anti-nose and bruising
  • Batt doors move both inwards and outwards for convenience