Strength and Durability: The Importance of Steel in Farm Fencing

Beef cattle farming makes up a significant portion of Australia’s agricultural industry, and it’s no secret that maintaining healthy and well-contained livestock is key to a farms profitability. A key area of consideration when it comes to cattle farming is ensuring that cattle remain within designated areas and that any pests or predators are kept out. This is where having robust farm gates and fencing is important and choosing the right material is crucial.

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Protecting Your Herd: The Importance of Cattle Dips for Beef Cattle Health and Management

In Australia, beef cattle plays an important role in the country’s food system contributing significantly to the nation’s economy. As with any animals or livestock, beef cattle are susceptible to a wide range of diseases and health issues that can have a significant impact on their welfare and productivity.

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drone shot of farming landscape on a ranch in Australia, of a flooding river.

How To Manage Cattle Through Extreme Flooding

While Australian droughts have affected the ability for cattle farms to remain profitable, nothing creates devastation for farmers quite like flooding. Forceful currents and having areas submerged underwater commonly results in substantial property damage, bearing the ability to bankrupt a farm in a matter of days.

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flooded queensland farm

What La Niña Means For Northern Cattle Farmers

The northern parts of Australia provide some of the most challenging weather conditions for farmers to profitably operate their farms. In a normal year, flash flooding, cyclones, extreme winds and high temperatures are a normal occurrence. Although every few years, an abnormal weather system occurs called La Niña, which brings higher rains to Australia and much of Asia, and drought to the west coast of America.

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steel supplies loading ramp

Designing the Perfect Cattle Loading Ramp

The importance in an efficient loading ramp can have lasting effects on both the profitability of a farm and the quality of cattle. Refining and considering all the design elements that impact its functionality is an important step and cannot be undervalued when designing a cattle yard. Cattle loading ramps allow cattle to depart and arrive from farms in a safe and efficient manner, minimising the labour required from a farmer and stress upon the cattle.

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cattle race

How To Create The Perfect Cattle Race

The cattle race is arguably one of the most important parts of a cattle yard, ensuring safety, cattle handling efficiency and minimising stress. There are many different design elements that go into a successful cattle race, with many dependent on the type of farm, the natural behaviour of cattle, the type of cattle being processed and the main purpose of the yard.

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cattle yard

The Importance Of A Cattle Yard Design To The Natural Flow Of Cattle

The design of a cattle yard is arguably one of the most important elements to reducing the stress upon cattle and also in developing high-quality livestock. There are many small elements in the design, choice of materials, and size that reduce the stress upon cattle. Involving an experienced company in the design process enables Australian farmers to design a cattle yard that will last decades.

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Australian farmers and regional businesses are in need of our support. Bushfires, droughts, floods and the pandemic have all taken a toll.

Supporting Australian Farmers and Regional Businesses Through Tough Times

Everyone is feeling the pressure at the moment, from major cities to rural centres. In conditions like these, it’s crucial we all help each other out. Pay special attention to this over the coming months, while we continue to deal with the economic fallout of the pandemic. Australian farmers and businesses far away from cities will be especially challenged by the weakened economy. During recessions, people are more conservative when making monetary decisions. This can be particularly taxing for those far removed from population centres.

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Government support for Queensland businesses will give a boost to those affected organisations during COVID-19

Government Support Measures for Queensland and Australian Businesses

Many businesses across the country are fighting for survival under the economic strain of COVID-19. In response, the Federal and State Governments have enacted support measures to help businesses. The following funding options may be relevant to you and your business:

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steel materials for sheds and housing projects

Steel for Your Housing Projects

Make sure that you are using the most appropriate material for your housing projects 

When constructing a home, choosing the proper materials is of utmost importance. Building resources often comes with a large cost, so in order to make the right decision, several criteria’s should be taken into account and ensure they are met.Read more

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