Strength and Durability: The Importance of Steel in Farm Fencing

Beef cattle farming makes up a significant portion of Australia’s agricultural industry, and it’s no secret that maintaining healthy and well-contained livestock is key to a farms profitability. A key area of consideration when it comes to cattle farming is ensuring that cattle remain within designated areas and that any pests or predators are kept out. This is where having robust farm gates and fencing is important and choosing the right material is crucial.

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Protecting Your Herd: The Importance of Cattle Dips for Beef Cattle Health and Management

In Australia, beef cattle plays an important role in the country’s food system contributing significantly to the nation’s economy. As with any animals or livestock, beef cattle are susceptible to a wide range of diseases and health issues that can have a significant impact on their welfare and productivity.

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The Importance of a Cattle Crush for Your Livestock and Property

The Importance of a Cattle Crush for Your Livestock and Property

Including a quality, well designed cattle crush for your property is always done with cattle handling safety in mind as it can aid in reducing livestock stress, prevent unwanted injuries and improve management and efficiency. Involving such an essential aspect of cattle handling in your cattle yard can help elevate your cattle handling experience and provide safety for you and your cattle. When incorporating a cattle crush into your yard, it’s important to understand how it will benefit you and what to look out for.Read more

erosion from high rainfalls

Managing Pasture Through Seasons Of High Rainfall

The quality of pasture that cattle eat is one of the largest determining factors affecting quality when producing meat. If cattle eat light dried grass too much, they lack the nutrients found in wet grass, and vice versa for a wet grass-dominated diet. Farmers looking to manage their cattle to perfection through abnormal weather patterns should focus on the changing quality of pastures.

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drone shot of farming landscape on a ranch in Australia, of a flooding river.

How To Manage Cattle Through Extreme Flooding

While Australian droughts have affected the ability for cattle farms to remain profitable, nothing creates devastation for farmers quite like flooding. Forceful currents and having areas submerged underwater commonly results in substantial property damage, bearing the ability to bankrupt a farm in a matter of days.

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flooded queensland farm

What La Niña Means For Northern Cattle Farmers

The northern parts of Australia provide some of the most challenging weather conditions for farmers to profitably operate their farms. In a normal year, flash flooding, cyclones, extreme winds and high temperatures are a normal occurrence. Although every few years, an abnormal weather system occurs called La Niña, which brings higher rains to Australia and much of Asia, and drought to the west coast of America.

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Construct a Cattle Shed Made to Last

How To Construct a Cattle Shed Made to Last

No matter how many cattle you herd, a cattle shed is a substantial investment within any farm. With price tags ranging from a hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, a cattle shed is an investment farmers should complete properly to ensure they get the most value. Designing a cattle shed using the highest quality materials and involving an experienced team will see farmers spend less money in the long term, compared to replacing cheaper DIY solutions more often. Farmers looking to bring long term financial profitability should design sheds built to last.

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steel supplies loading ramp

Designing the Perfect Cattle Loading Ramp

The importance in an efficient loading ramp can have lasting effects on both the profitability of a farm and the quality of cattle. Refining and considering all the design elements that impact its functionality is an important step and cannot be undervalued when designing a cattle yard. Cattle loading ramps allow cattle to depart and arrive from farms in a safe and efficient manner, minimising the labour required from a farmer and stress upon the cattle.

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cattle yard

The Importance Of A Cattle Yard Design To The Natural Flow Of Cattle

The design of a cattle yard is arguably one of the most important elements to reducing the stress upon cattle and also in developing high-quality livestock. There are many small elements in the design, choice of materials, and size that reduce the stress upon cattle. Involving an experienced company in the design process enables Australian farmers to design a cattle yard that will last decades.

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Manage Your Cattle through The Wet Season

Tips To Successfully Manage Your Cattle Through The Wet Season

It’s becoming apparent that climate change has left the Australian environment with harsher weather, and heavier rains being one such by-product. Flooding and drought are becoming increasingly common even though they are opposite ends of the spectrum. Due to this change in weather patterns, managing livestock has become increasingly difficult. Therefore, preparing for extremities and employing new livestock management processes is key to the future profitability of your farm.

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