Effective Recovery Strategies for Farms Post-Flooding

Effective Recovery Strategies for Farms Post-Flooding

Cyclone Kirrily, which recently struck Queensland, has left a trail of destruction in its wake, with extensive flooding affecting many regions, including Charters Towers. Strong currents and submerged paddocks underwater frequently cause significant property damage and danger to livestock, with the potential to bankrupt a farm. Farmers are no strangers to dealing with natural disasters. Unexpected natural disasters like flash flooding create issues that are often noticed only once it’s too late. Moreover, to make bad situations worse, often at times like these, issues that have been built up over time rise to the surface.

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steel materials for sheds and housing projects

Steel for Your Housing Projects

Make sure that you are using the most appropriate material for your housing projects 

When constructing a home, choosing the proper materials is of utmost importance. Building resources often comes with a large cost, so in order to make the right decision, several criteria’s should be taken into account and ensure they are met.Read more

cattle moving through cattle yard on outback farm. Cattle yard with Steel Supplies Charters Towers equipment

Here are Our Top 5 Ways to Stay Safe Around Cattle

It’s no surprise that when your ‘employees’ weigh around a tonne it is very important to maintain a high level of safety so that both of you can stay safe. For cattle farmers, it’s important to keep up-to-date on any changes released by governing bodies like Animal Health Australia. Read more

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