Preparing your Farm for the Cold Winter Season

Preparing your Farm for the Cold Winter Season

Just like you, the cold weather also impacts your cattle. Cattle requirement proper farm management to aid in the maintenance of a cow’s body temperature. Harsh winter conditions can leave cattle struggling to put on weight or maintain regular milk production. On top of this, they can end up stressed as they struggle to go about daily activities – in turn affecting the meat they produce. However, winter doesn’t have to be so miserable as there are several ways to keep your livestock happy and healthy.

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erosion from high rainfalls

Managing Pasture Through Seasons Of High Rainfall

The quality of pasture that cattle eat is one of the largest determining factors affecting quality when producing meat. If cattle eat light dried grass too much, they lack the nutrients found in wet grass, and vice versa for a wet grass-dominated diet. Farmers looking to manage their cattle to perfection through abnormal weather patterns should focus on the changing quality of pastures.

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drone shot of farming landscape on a ranch in Australia, of a flooding river.

How To Manage Cattle Through Extreme Flooding

While Australian droughts have affected the ability for cattle farms to remain profitable, nothing creates devastation for farmers quite like flooding. Forceful currents and having areas submerged underwater commonly results in substantial property damage, bearing the ability to bankrupt a farm in a matter of days.

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Manage Your Cattle through The Wet Season

Tips To Successfully Manage Your Cattle Through The Wet Season

It’s becoming apparent that climate change has left the Australian environment with harsher weather, and heavier rains being one such by-product. Flooding and drought are becoming increasingly common even though they are opposite ends of the spectrum. Due to this change in weather patterns, managing livestock has become increasingly difficult. Therefore, preparing for extremities and employing new livestock management processes is key to the future profitability of your farm.

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Cattle yard design should be used to increase the safety of your staff and livestock. Designs should also maximise workflow and ease the completion of tasks.

Maximising Safety Through Cattle Yard Design

Avoiding a serious accident is always a top priority on any farm. Despite this, Australian cattle yard design frequently fails to address a number of concerns effectively. Working with animals that can weigh over a tonne means you need to always pay attention to safety. You need to think about this for both workers and cattle. Having good foresight means you are prepared for the worst-case scenario, no matter how unlikely. A reliable design meets every need, making work easier and also maximising the safety of livestock and handlers.Read more

Farmers must take extra precaution to minimise the risk of COVID-19 on their farms

Minimising the Risk of COVID-19 on Your Farm

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way Australians live their lives, from major cities to rural towns. These changes have caused industry wide suspensions of business, except for those deemed essential and those which can operate from home. The threat of COVID-19 on farms is daunting. For farmers and others in agriculture, this is changing the way things get done.Read more

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