The Importance of a Cattle Crush for Your Livestock and Property

The Importance of a Cattle Crush for Your Livestock and Property

Including a quality, well designed cattle crush for your property is always done with cattle handling safety in mind as it can aid in reducing livestock stress, prevent unwanted injuries and improve management and efficiency. Involving such an essential aspect of cattle handling in your cattle yard can help elevate your cattle handling experience and provide safety for you and your cattle. When incorporating a cattle crush into your yard, it’s important to understand how it will benefit you and what to look out for.Read more

cattle yard mistakes

The 5 Biggest Cattle Yard Design Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

When you’re designing a good cattle yard, it can provide a number of benefits to your farm, that make managing your herd a lot easier. The opposite is true as well, as a poorly designed cattle yard won’t just make life more difficult for your cows, but also your cattle handlers and even you. Unfortunately, many farmers make a number of big cattle yard design mistakes that increase the risk of injuries and accidents that can occur while handling cattle.

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