Want To Build A Heavy Duty Steel Shed?

Australian Made, Quality Built Steel Sheds

Protect your possessions and equipment with a durable steel shed built to withstand harsh weather conditions. We have extensive experience building steel sheds across the country for a wide range of purposes. Steel Supplies Charters Towers works closely with clients to ensure that steel shed fabrication is suited to their individual and specific needs. Our steel shed buildings are high quality and durable which are perfect for all needs and situations.

We offer both custom and prefabricated steel shed designs to fulfil a vast range of purposes, including farm sheds, commercial sheds, aircraft hangers, roof-only sheds, workshops, and warehouses. Whether you need a custom steel shed for a council, school, or farm, we can help organise the delivery and construction of your steel shed with guaranteed high-quality steel supplies.

Why Choose Steel Supplies Charters Towers?

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All of our steel sheds and steel supplies are manufactured using only the most robust, premium steel. Our production follows industry-leading quality control standards to provide all our farmers with the best quality that money can buy.
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Homegrown from a top-end backyard, Steel Supplies Charters Towers is proudly Australian-owned and operated. All of our steel products adhere to Australian standards because we only want what’s best for our Australian farmers.

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We know how precious your time is as a farmer which is why we guarantee on-time, hassle-free delivery with on-site construction for our steel sheds, wherever you need it across Australia.

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With over 200 years of collective experience, our team provides the highest quality customer service. We work with you to ensure we build the perfect steel shed for your purposes.
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Custom Design

Steel Supplies Charters Towers can complete a range of reliable prefabricated custom shed solutions for your property. We only use the highest attributable prefabricated steel in our sheds, this is to ensure the protection of your precious resources and equipment from the unpredictable Australian climate. You can be confident our custom shed designs will meet your specific needs.

Our purpose-built facility specializes in constructing prefabricated steel sheds, all of which are BCA-compliant. Our highly skilled and experienced steel shed builders ensure the best possible outcome for your steel shed needs. We offer a range of sizes, from 9m to 28m wide, 3.6m to 7m tall, and up to 60m long. Custom requests can also be accommodated by our experienced team.

Purpose-Built Sheds

Our accomplished team will consult with you to determine the right steel shed fabrication for your needs. We pride ourselves in delivering top-quality results to service your specifications at a fair price that won’t leave you out of pocket.

Our steel sheds are ideal for:

  • Farm Sheds
    Producing quality steel farm sheds has been a priority for Steel Supplies Charters Towers. Our team work tirelessly to help build a sturdy and durable steel farm shed to provide safety and housing for your possessions and equipment.
  • Workshop Sheds
    Our workshop sheds hold a great deal of significance to us. Our design team can customize the shed to meet your workshop requirements. Our construction team is equipped to construct a fabricated steel shed to your specifications, ensuring the highest level of service.
  • Barn Sheds
    Our team is also experienced in delivering state-of-the-art barn sheds for your usage. Providing a secure and safe place to store your machinery, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Other Common Requirements:
    • Aircraft hangars
    • Commercial sheds
    • Warehouses
    • Storage sheds
    • Garages/Carports
    • Roof only sheds
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Our Process:

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1. Inquiry

After the initial contact, our experienced sales team will work with you to provide the relevant information and insight to determine which steel shed solution benefits your needs.

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2. Consultation

We work with you to deliver an estimated proposal that presents technical information in accordance with your steel shed preferences.

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3. Design

CAD technology is utilised to assist the design and manufacture of your steel shed’s components in our facility. CAD provides you with a graphical representation of your shed which we can refine through communication with our farmers, which is crucial to our process.

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4. Supply and manufacture

After final approval of the design, the manufacturing process commences at our Charters Towers facility. Steel production here ensures the usage of the strictest quality control procedures. Our team utilises our resources to efficiently build to your unique steel shed requirements.

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5. Construct to completion

Following the completion of the manufacture, the components of the shed build are delivered to you via our nationwide transportation network. Our builders come to your farm or work site and construct your custom steel shed to the highest possible standard.

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Steel Supplies Charters Towers provide quality, diversity and reliability of services. With intricate knowledge of the farming community, we can supply the steel you need for your project.

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