Why Autumn is the best time to complete your Farms Projects

Why Autumn is the best time for completing your Farms Projects

As the hot Australian summer begins to cool down and the cold winter air begins to set in, autumn is the perfect time to prepare your farm. When the chill arrives, your farm should be equipped to handle harsh weather. The cold is often hard on livestock, and it is essential to have a safe farm for your cattle.


If you are a farm owner, your cattle needs should be your number one priority this winter. Having good knowledge of the forecast helps predict the needs of your cattle and property. Seeing the trends of past winters, you can expect the amount of feed you need. Learning from past mistakes, cattle should be better prepared for the cold and provided the required feeding and efforts needed to be comfortable and avoid complexities.

Identifying your property’s needs can also mean seeing if the current needs of your property are met. Reanalysing your cattle yard design is an excellent way to do that. Ensuring your cattle yard design is equipped to make your daily tasks easier during extreme conditions is critical. In addition to the design of your cattle yard, identifying if any vital projects need to be done will help reduce stress.

Clean Up

Maintaining a clean environment is ideal for you and your livestock. Protection against diseases and sickness and maintaining a clean property that is regularly managed will aid in cattle health and decrease workload in the future. In addition, getting rid of any stock that will not contribute for the next season will clear up space and prepare storage for necessary resources contributing to the property’s needs.


If your calving season is spring, then autumn is the time to unwind. However, with this added time to your day, you must work on the projects you couldn’t do and fix up any issues on your farm.

Working in low temperatures can be hard to navigate and uncomfortable, making autumn the perfect time to complete leftover projects from the season before and reduce the amount of work in the upcoming cold. However, fixing up fences, ensuring nothing is broken throughout the property and completing housing projects all are difficult to finish off with freezing hands.

Organise the projects that need to be done and prioritise them based on the importance of cattle and handlers’ health and safety.  Outlining your priorities will help you identify what projects are necessary for the next season and what projects can be done if there is time to spare. Once you have a clear plan of the tasks that need to be ticked off, ensure you have the suitable quality materials that will last the seasons to come and will be convenient and easy to work with. Finding quality materials will provide structural integrity, quality support and longevity, helping you maintain a worry-free mentality knowing the projects are durable and made to last. Once you have organised yourself and have the products ready, it’s time to get right into work.

Put on your winter gear

Although your property is fundamental and all your efforts are needed to maintain livestock health, preparing yourself for the season is just as important. Depending on where you are located, the winter weather may be harsher for you. Therefore, ensure you have all the warm clothes you need, from boots to gloves and get them out of storage before the cold winds come. Preparing for the winter months should be a priority for farmers during autumn. Once you have prepared yourself and the property, you can relax and be confident that your livestock is ready for the challenges of winter.

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