Cattle gathering around a water source to stay cool on a farm in Summer

Keeping Your Livestock Cool in Summer

The summer climate can be a serious issue for Australian farmers as they try to keep their livestock cool and healthy in the scorching heat. With average temperatures continually trending upward, this is becoming a bigger challenge. Young animals and animals with darker, thicker coats are typically more susceptible to the heat. Below, we have the most important considerations for keeping your animals cool.
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steel materials for sheds and housing projects

Steel for Your Housing Projects

Make sure that you are using the most appropriate material for your housing projects 

When constructing a home, choosing the proper materials is of utmost importance. Building resources often comes with a large cost, so in order to make the right decision, several criteria’s should be taken into account and ensure they are met.Read more

cattle moving through cattle yard on outback farm. Cattle yard with Steel Supplies Charters Towers equipment

Here are Our Top 5 Ways to Stay Safe Around Cattle

It’s no surprise that when your ‘employees’ weigh around a tonne it is very important to maintain a high level of safety so that both of you can stay safe. For cattle farmers, it’s important to keep up-to-date on any changes released by governing bodies like Animal Health Australia. Read more

stylish steel wall and doors. Use of steel in homes

Steel Sheds As Homes

From container homes through to shed homes, a new wave of affordable, designer housing has emerged in Australia.

The number of sheds that are now being turned into Class 1a livable dwellings or shed homes has skyrocketed with good reason. Home owners are now seeking to have an easy to build, sustainable home. People want something that provides them with the financial freedom to own their own home while also living in a trendy environment.Read more

cattle in a yard on a farm on a sunny day

How to Reign Your Cattle In

Animals can be difficult to control, and when they are your livelihood it is a struggle you will have to overcome every single day. Not being able to manage your livestock can result in them hurting themselves, other animals, damaging property or hurting someone else. This is why cattle farmers need equipment and yards that help them manage the creatures in their care.
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Technology in the cattle industry is changing the way we look after livestock

How Farming Technology is Improving the Cattle Industry

The cattle industry is hugely benefitting from the wave of new advancements in farming technology. New technology has allowed farmers to become more efficient with their labour and time, have better control over cattle wellbeing and better quality of production.
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Two steel cattle dips shot from the side

3 Ways to Use Steel on Your Cattle Property

Farming cattle can be a difficult task. Animals can generally be unpredictable and their welfare is almost entirely in a farmer’s hands. The tough Australian conditions paired with the difficulty of farming requires a robust, versatile material that can handle almost anything you throw at it. Steel is a fantastic choice for Aussie farms. Steel can be used to address almost all of your farming concerns. In farming cattle, there are three main things that are of the biggest concern to any farmer: Control, Storage and Health and Safety.
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Cattle crowded in a muddy yard on a drought affected farm

How to Look After Your Cattle’s Welfare During the Drought

The hot weather and dry season in Australia can be crippling for farmers. This year, the rainfall has been the lowest since the 1902 Federation drought.[1] Drought or hail, farmers need to feed their cattle. To do this, they sometimes need to make tough decisions in regard to feeding, weaning, herd numbers and the general wellbeing of the cattle.
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a stress free cattle yard on an Australian farm

How to Design and Build Better Cattle Yards

If you’re designing, redesigning or retrofitting your cattle yard, there are a few essential factors you need to consider. Understandably, the most important element that influences the design of better cattle yards is the movement and behaviour of livestock. With years of practical stock handling experience, we know that yards should be designed to support the natural instincts of the animals.Read more

Large shed with open walls on gravel

4 Things to Think about Before Buying or Building a Shed

If you’re looking to buy or install a shed – whether it’s a farm shed, garden shed, warehouse or kids shed – then there’s a little bit of ground work that you need to do. Building versus buying a pre-fabricated shed is another decision altogether however, thinking about these four factors will make your job easier in either scenario.

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